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  1. neb2619

    Braggot or not?

    When I brewed my first braggot I was also told on this forum it had to be at least 50% honey. Actually the Mazer Cup mead competition Braggots require that honey must make up at least 20% of the recipe compared to grains. The addition of pears complicates the issue a bit but it is not a...
  2. neb2619

    Cyser question?

    I have home brewed honey ales, braggots, and have made ciders in the past. Now, I am oddly drawn to try a Cyser. I have never made a true mead. I am thinking of hitting up my local apple orchard (this fall) for fresh apple juice and purchasing local honey for this brew. Is there anything special...
  3. neb2619

    my first Braggot

    Oh my bad I was told as long as the honey content was over 30% then you could call it a braggot though it was a wine friend who told me this :( I will then make my next real braggot with more honey. I was waiting to add the honey which if I am right is a simple sugar until the yeast was...
  4. neb2619

    my first Braggot

    I have decided to push into the mead world through the braggot. I have a recipe thats 40% honey to 60% all grain beer. I am now fermenting the low gravity (1.040) 5 gallons of beer with T-058 a Belgium dry along with 2 oz of cluster (60min) and 2 oz of saaz (5min) before I add the 5 pounds of...
  5. neb2619

    Long day, first all grain, not happy

    I have done two ag batches and I agree that I am going to be adding some extract brews to my schedule. I work and go to school so brewing time is limited. I had swore off extract after buying and building my grain setup but I am really missing the quick brew day. I am looking to up my brew...
  6. neb2619

    oktoberfest style ale question

    The canned pumpkin sound like it might work, and I would definitely secondary as you will probably have more trub. I would be careful on how much pumpkin you use, and that I have no answer for how much
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