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    Do I need to start over?

    Started a 5gal batch of cherry sunday. It now has a sour smell and no change in SG. Did not use a starter. Do I need to scrap this batch and start over or try pitching more yeast.
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    apfelwine recipes

    was thinking about starting a batch but not decided on a recipe. Do not like real dry wines and want to keep as much of the apple flavor as possable. could you guys post some of your favorite recipies.
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    first batch. need a quick answer (on wine ingredients)

    first batch ever. doing concord frozen grape recipe. Asked the guy at the shop where I bought my equipment kit to include all chems. needed. The recipe calles for acid blend and pectic acid. He did not supply me with this. is this needed or can I do without it. Sitting now ready for yeast and...