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  1. Stormrider51

    Hard water vs Soft water vs Beer style

    I'm posting this in the beginner section because even though I have some years experience I have a new situation. I moved into an area with very hard water. We were advised to install a water softener and did so. My question centers around this, I have a choice of hard or soft water for...
  2. Stormrider51

    Or Trade Austin, TX Area...10 gal stainless brewpot complete with thermometer & valve

    Here's the deal, we recently moved to the country and I now have a nice big metal building in which to do my brewing. A nice big unairconditioned metal building that is. It gets hot out there and the 14 gallon conical I was fermenting in is too big to fit into my cooler. The 5 gallon buckets...
  3. Stormrider51

    Hops in French Coffee Press Question

    I'm confused about the use of a french coffee press with hops. I put in bittering hops at the beginning of the boil, flavor hops for the last 15 minutes, and aroma hops for the last 5 minutes. I don't see how the press would save me anything unless I'm using the same hop for all three. What...
  4. Stormrider51

    This could get serious!

    Hi All, I don't get on here often. I'll have to do better. Anyway, after brewing beer 5 gallons at a time for the last 7 years I decided it was time to get a little more serious. No, I didn't go all grain. Not yet. I'm still doing mini-mash. But I decided to ditch the fermenting buckets...
  5. Stormrider51

    Taking a sample for OG question

    I feel silly asking this because with 7 years of homebrewing experience I'm hardly a beginner. The thing is that I've never worried much about the alcohol content of the beers I brew. I aimed for a flavor and let the rest take care of itself. Recently I bought a wine thief (beer thief in this...