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  1. J

    Most versatile base malt

    So after not brewing for ~18 months, I need something to jump start me back up. My local club is doing a bulk buy next month and was thinking I would get myself a full sack of something versatile that I could work with to brew several different styles. I am very partial to pale ales and...
  2. J

    MLT/HLT Combo?

    Looking at setting up a sort of 3-tier system, but was curious to know if combining the HLT and MLT was something that has been tried and tested before. I have a chest cooler about to be converted. Would it be wise to add the parts for the MLT and put some sort of electric heating element...
  3. J

    how to remove floaters?

    so i kegged my last batch and had it carbing for about a week. after lugging it up the steps, i went to pour out my first taste and got about 2 ounces of cloudy beer before it stopped pumping. the bits of hops had clogged up the end of the intake tube. after cleaning it out and letting it...
  4. J

    getting your own cider

    so, i unfortunately had to miss out on the brew clubs cider press weekend, but i really want to get some cider for myself. does anyone know if it would be worth getting a bushel of apples and having them pressed for myself? i have no idea how much cider would make it out of that volume of...
  5. J

    Equipment to upgrade from extract to all grain?

    So after playing around with extract brewing for a while now, i have fully decided that all grain is the way I want to go. My only question is what all do I need to have to make this switch successfully? I currently have the standard starter kit with a couple extra carboys, a 3 gallon pot...
  6. J

    brewing with fresh fruit

    i was hoping someone around here could provide some pointers/suggestions as far as using fresh fruits within a brew. right now i have an extract kit for a wheat beer that i'd love to spice up with some fruit flavor (strawberry, orange, and grapefruit are in the running) major questions...
  7. J

    length of kegerator tubing?

    so currently i have my kegerator in my basement. the goal is to place a tap on the outside of the house in the back yard. i would estimate that this is about 20-30 feet. is this even possible? i mean, would the tubing hold up? would it foam too much/little? would it require some...
  8. J

    ageing/conditioning questions

    so about 2 weeks back i cold crashed both of my ciders. the first one went from the crash into a keg, a bit of co2 was pumped in, and it was stuck in the garage. this one tastes a little rough on the edges. the second one was racked into a glass carboy, sealed with a plastic top...
  9. J

    last minute preparation questions

    okay, so this weekend i am going to my first cider press and will be getting 10 gallons. i plan on splitting it into two separate batches, one to try and have ready for thanksgiving, and the other to drink at my leisure. are campden tablets worth getting? i plan on pitching my yeast...
  10. J

    taking the gas off the brew?

    if i have a full 5 gallon corny keg pressurized with cider in it, will i be able to take it off the gas tank and still pump out the goods for a few days? i want to take the cider on a camping trip with me next month and i don't want to lug the gas tank with me if i don't have to. would...
  11. J

    range of fermentation time?

    So to set the scene: I am going to a cider press in a few weeks. I was considering upping my order to 10 gallons to make two batches. I have the ability to ferment both at the same time, but I currently only have one available keg. Is it possible, if I plan correctly, to keg one batch and...
  12. J

    why am i getting a low OG?

    A few days ago I started my second batch which resulted in an OG of 1.020 (the recipe said it should be 1.045). I just moved said batch into the carboy and resulted a gravity of 1.08 Is there any particular reason my gravity would be so low to start? I had this same type of issue with...