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    3gal recipe for apfelwein?

    as I am still in a apartment for the next six months I only have my 3gal carboys at this time. I really want to make some of Ed Worts apfelwein. anyone have a 3gal recipe,did I over look it somewhere? Thanks in advance.
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    Adding flavor???

    My 3 gal batch of peach wine is in the second carboy...getting pretty clear and should be ready to bottle by the new year(I'm patient) My question is: I taste at every racking and the wine did not have a clear peach taste...I know this is common in peach wine,my local supply shop had...
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    need a little input...

    I just racked my elderberry wine into the second carboy....I always taste at racking. Seemed a little watery to me at this tasting...I know it's early and it will change, but is there anything I can do at this point? 3gal batch started with 15 cups of elderberries in nylon straining bag...
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    egg shells for clarifying???

    hello I was busy at work and of course the topic of winemaking came up. this self proclaimed old school winemaker said he uses crushed up dried egg shells at his final racking,before he bottles. Anyone ever heard of this? how does this work? thanks in advance.
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    fruit wine question

    hello all! I havebeen making wine now for two years...but I still can't learn enough. I make mostly fruit wines out of whatever is in season. My question is...when I crush my fruit and the recipe calls for boiling or hot water to be poured over my fruit,why is this? I made strawberry wine...