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    help! Tap-a-draft Leaking..

    Yesterday I used the Tap-a-Draft system to bottle my beer.. One bottle is in the refrigerator on its' side using the Tap-a-draft dispenser lid and co2.. It is fine.. the other 2 bottles that are naturally carbonating using sugar were laying on their side when one of them started leaking at the...
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    Tap-A-Draft Carbonation Question..

    I have 5 gallons of brew (amber ale) to put in my Tap-A-Draft bottles tomorrow.. I want to force carbonate 1 bottle (son-in-law visiting next weekend), and let the other 2 naturally carbonate using the priming sugar.. My question is, do I still put some priming sugar in the bottle that I am...
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    Hydrometer - selection

    I have brewed enough beer now that I think that I need a hydrometer.. problem is, the local supply house (mainly wine) has a limited selection and besides, I just don't like doing business with them as they are clueless except for putting on wine tastings.. ... My choices are online brewing...
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    Fermentation .. then and now..

    This past weekend, I started a batch of Amber Lager from a kit.. I didn't use the supplied liquid yeast due to an age/storage problem.. so I purchased Wyeast Activator Slap Pac and used it.. After putting it in the wort, I noticed that the Wyeast was made in 2005 and out of date..subsequently...
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    Wyeast Activator.. First Time User

    I have made several batches of beer but they all have been using a dry yeast packet.. Yesterday (Saturday) I made a new batch of brew using a kit bought in Southern California that contained grains, malt and hops... The liquid yeast that came with the kit was damaged (by me during transit) so I...