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    Brewing small (2-2.5 gal "half") batches

    you don't have room for a 5-6 gallon bucket? just stick it in ur closet mate.....get a buket..with a an airlock...drill a hole in the lid..stick it in...won't cost ya a 100
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    twist offs

    so twist off bottles just take normal crown caps? I have a decent ammount of pop tops and good old bottles but i think i have a little to much brew for my bottles....if i end up without enough bottles and i just use my regular capper and caps on the twist offs it should work?
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    24 hours no sign of fermentation?

    48 hours and i have some signs of fermentation! :ban: My airlock is bubbling a couple times evry five minutes....looks like its starting to kick off! thanks for the time i think i will try making a starter first...:tank:
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    24 hours no sign of fermentation?

    thanks for the info......i'll wait a couple more days.....
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    24 hours no sign of fermentation?

    it was at about 65 degrees when i put the yeast in....... I don't have any more brewing yeast....does normal cooking yeast work? I really don't kno anything about yeast....:drunk:
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    24 hours no sign of fermentation?

    Hi, I started my first ever batch of homebrew yesterday and i think i have a problem. I used a beer kit that has been sitting around my house for a long time. I am sure i did evrything right and had evrything perfectly sanitized but its been 24 hours and i still don't have any bubbling in my...