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    Krausen rising!

    Hey there! This is my second attempt at brew craft, today i put a brew on, coopers real ale malt extract, 1kg brewing sugar, and the yeast that the malt came with, 23litres of water, steady at 22C A bit worried though, the krausen looks like its going to push its way up through the...
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    Pics of my first brew(after adding yeast)

    Hey everyone just thought i'd show some photo's of my little beer kit, i do have a question though, about 10 minutes ago from now i just finished adding yeast to the malt extract/brewing sugar/water(23ltrs) and the temp is sitting at 28C, i understand that it should be between 21-27C, so for now...
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    Priming amounts

    Hey there, just wondering what the formula is to work out how much priming sugar to add to a 46ltr brew? and if its possible to do it in a large batch amount like that instead of say 740ml bottles?
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    Fermentation question

    Hey there, I bought a coopers lager micro kit today, just reading through the instructions it says that while fermenting the wort i should keep the enviroment temp between 21-27 degrees celsius, from what ive read the fermentation will stop if the temp drops below 21C, if it does will that ruin...