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    Help please!

    ah i see, well isnt my method of using a vent line into a bottle of water essentially an airlock? it prevents air from entering but allows excess CO2 to escape. how much sugar should i be adding to get it to 15% alcohol? (grams of sugar/litres of apple juice) i did taste a bit before i mixed...
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    Help please!

    i used youngs all purpose white wine yeast and the apple juice contains pure apple juice with no added flavours/sweeteners i dont have any glass jugs, or air locks, or a fermenter-type container for that matter its mainly getting rid of the sweetness im not too sure about.
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    Help please!

    hi everyone in my usual style i started something before i actually knew how to do it. this time its cider brewing, i bought some yeast (5g, says it can treat 23 litres) so i decided to do 2.3 litres with 0.5g of yeast i used store-bought apple concentrate and mixed it all up, drilled a...