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    Two Brother Hop Juice

    I am pretty sure its not all amarillo also. IIRC the kid working in the brewers coop there told me they bittered with summit.
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    Free Bourbon Barrels

    there is no direct link. just go down there and get some.
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    Free Bourbon Barrels

    I read this info on the "Milwaukee Area & Chicagoland Brewers Group" brew board so I thought I would pass it on... Milwaukee Area & Chicagoland Brewers Group :: Index quote... "I was just onformed by a Goose Island employee and relative that they are getting rid of alot of there...
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    Breweries in Chicago

    piece. its a brewpub and pizza joint. great pizza and a "kick ass" ipa. this link should help alot too. Chicago Beer Map | The Beer Mapping Project
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    Making a gallon starter for pacman yeast HELP!!

    corn sugar in a starter is a no no. starters should be maltos sugar only.
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    Price break down for building a kegerator wanted...

    I just bought a brand new keggerator from Menards in IL for 407$. It is Haier brand and it comes with a sanke tap but I already have ball lock fittings. I think it was a pretty good deal.
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    Free Bottle Opener from Beck's

    You gotta be 21 to get this! "If you join now, we'll send a free Beck's Wrench Bottle Opener and future goodies to the address you provide here." CA and TX residents are not eligible.
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    Grassy Off-flavor

    i don't remember off hand what i used for the flavoring addition, but I did use six different types of hops.
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    Grassy Off-flavor

    I made an DIPA that was on primary for two weeks then secodary for two weeks. Now it has been dry hopped in the keg for three weeks. How long does it take for the Grassy-ness of a very hopped beer to smooth out for most people?