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    Best Keezer Builds of this Decade (or so)

    I have been reading, learning and drooling over keezer threads on hombrewtalk since 2010. I finally have the space to make one of my own now and I started revisiting some of my favorite topics. I love reading through each thread and learning the process, but I also sometimes just want to see...
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    Am I Racking My Pumkin Beer Too Early?

    Been in the primary for a day over a week now and I was going to transfer it to a secondary, but is it rreally all that necessary? What do you guys think? Should I just Keg/Bottle it now or let it sit in a secondary for another week?
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    want to open a small brewery...any input/experience???

    I'm seriously considering investing money earned in college into my own operation after college. I guess what I'm unsure of is how much should I realistically expect to have to invest to get things started? I'll probably start with a 40 Gallon fermenter just to see how things go. That's the...
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    Making Mash Tun out of Pumpkin?????

    I'm making 2 pumpkin ales this week. 1 is on the stove as we speak, but the other, well I want it to be an experiment. I know most people mash with the pumpkin in the mash tun. I am curious as to what you experienced folk think about making a mash tun out of the pumpkin. For all intensive...
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    Brooklyn Local 1 clone recipe????

    anyone have it?
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    How About this Recipe????

    technically a California COmmon or Steam Beer, but without the conventional Northern Brewer Hops. Quick and simple: 4 Lbs pale malt extract 3 Lbs dry light extract .5lb Carapils .5lb Victory .5lb Crystal 20L 1 oz Chinook (60 Min) 1 oz. Amarillo (25 Minute) 1 oz. Cascade (5 Minute) 1...
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    Trouble with Mash tun

    So, I finally got the valve that comes with it off, saved the O-ring and put that on the nipple, but it won't fit. Every page I look at with instructions has the same size for these to put in your cooler. What should I do? It fits well without the O ring as far as width, but can't get both in...
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    Cheap Temperature Control Methods?????

    Does anyone know any really good methods of keeping a consistent temperature that doesn't cost very much money? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Morning Glory Beer?????

    I have not done this. I am wondering if anyone has or if it would feasibly work. What would the dosage be for a 5 Gallon batch? Has anyone ever tried this or looked into it? Sound like a fun/good/bad idea? Thoughts...
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    Carbonation Problems??

    I've had a brew conditioning for 8 days and no carbonation. SHould I add some carbonation pills? What's the word? Worried.
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    Storing Beer in Uncarbonated Kegs???

    Can I do this? I just got my kegs in, want to start kegging, but don't have enough money for the taps, CO2 and connects just yet. I need to bottle my brew by thursday and wont have all the equipment at least for another 2 weeks. How long can I keep brew in a Keg uncarbonated for? I imagine it...
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    IPA with Ringwood Yeast???????

    Anyone ever tried anything like this? I'm curious. May try unless there's any bad feedback.
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    Continuously Hopped Rye Pale Ale>>>>>>

    So I am making this recipe and the IBU is 75 for a Rye. Too much? My new Mac Program that is pretty nifty called QBrew says a rye shouldn't exceed 30 IBU's. Any thoughts? Can I make a Rye IPA with IBU's in the neighborhood of 60?
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    Continuous Hopping

    I'd really like to start getting into this. Any experience, feedback, criticism, tips or suggestions?
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    Critique this Wheat Recipe>>>>

    Recipe Type: Extract*** Yeast: Wyeast 3068 weihenstephan weizen** Batch Size (Gallons): 5***** Boiling Time (Minutes): 60***** Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): [email protected]*** Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp): [email protected]*** 1lb. Caravienne 1lb. White Wheat 5lb. Briess Wheat DME...
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    Hoppy Wheat Beer?

    Can it be done with pleasing results? Any recipes?