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    Herms temperature issues

    Howdy, My system consists of two kegs and a rectangular coleman xtreme cooler. I use a BS-460 to help control the system. I have three temperature probes: HLT, HERMS out, MLT out. My problem is that the temperature probes that monitor the HERMS out and MLT out are not reading correctly and...
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    Eherms mash temperature issue

    I am running a eherms setup with a bcs460 and keggles/cooler. I have three temperature probes on the system. On mash tun out, herms coil out, and hlt temp. I have a thermapen for back up and I needed it today. This is only the second brew I have done on this system and I am still learning the...
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    Question about how elements should act

    I am using camco 5500w elements and keggles for my HLT and boil kettle. I was doing a test run of my system with just water since I recently finished putting it all together. I noticed when the water is heating up there are tons of little bubbles all over the elements. As the water gets hotter...
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    Question about using 2 power cables

    So for my system I have two, three wire, 10 gauge cables. I have two 30 amp breakers in the main panel. I am installing a 60 amp GFCI and have split the green wires of the two cables so one acts as a neutral and the other as a ground. The the hots are doubled up but otherwise wired in normally...
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    Coleman Xtreme mash tun manifold

    This weekend I've made a new copper manifold for my mash tun. I incorporated a union joint for easy removal and installation. I soldered all the joints together except for the middle ones for easy cleaning and drying. Hope you enjoy!