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    Chocolate Beers Saw this online today. Could be worth checking out...when its available next year. Timing is nice because I'd been considering trying a chocolate stout using cocoa powder of cacao nibs, guess this will eventually give us a third option.
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    Breweries / Brewpubs / Beer Bars in the Minneapolis area

    So I'm going to Minneapolis for a month for work. Where do I have to go while I'm in town? I've heard of Surly, but that's about it.
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    LA/San Diego Trip - What Brewpubs & Breweries Do I Have To Hit?

    Folks from California, what/where do you recommend? I'll be out there for a week in LA and am already planning on hitting up Stone in San Diego. Where else do I need to go?
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    Homemade Randall

    So I'm brewing with a couple of other homebrewers I met at a Society of Northeastern Ohio Brewers meeting and we're sampling some beers while our two 10 gallon batches come to a boil. The guy who was hosting mentioned that he had a homemade randall (ie water filter casing) stuffed with home...
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    Who Has Experience With Wyeast 1388 - Belgian Strong Ale?

    I'm worried about a brew that I am fermenting with Wyeast 1388 and had some questions about the yeast strain. Little background info: I brewed a Golden Ale this past saturday and got 5.5 gallons of wort with an OG of 1.082 which I chilled to 64 F. Mash temp was 148 for 90 minutes and I...
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    89.3% Apparent Attenuation with Bavarian Lager Yeast...Ask me how

    So back in June (6/21) I brewed Jamil's Oktoberfest from Brewing Classic Styles. I began with 5.5 gallons at 1.056 and pitched the decanted remains of a 1 gal starter of Wyeast 2206. After fermenting for 2 weeks at 50 F (did the modified Narziss where I chilled it to 40 and racked into another...
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    Did I kill my yeast?

    Yesterday I brewed an IPA with the intent to repitch a cake of US-05. I had a batch of Ed's Pale Ale that had been in primary for 2 weeks and fermented down to 1.009. While my IPA was mashing, I racked the pale ale into a secondary fermentor and left a little beer on the of the yeast cake...
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    Mashing with Peanut Butter

    I'm planning a peanut butter beer for a strange brew competition. Was thinking of the BYO Stone Smoked Porter as the base recipe with a mostly de-oiled jar of natural PB in the mash. I'm planning on using rice hulls to help with the lauter and flaked barley to offset the effect of the oil on...