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    Fermzilla Questions

    looks like you need to be a supporting member to enter
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    Keg kit missing pieces??

    Sounds like you're missing a 5/16" to 3/16" adaptor to fit into the ball lock disconnect
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    How To: BrewPi LCD Add-On

    Any chance you could upload the Gerber files for the latest version please? Costs a lot to order from the US to uk, would rather use a local board supplier to keep costs down. Thanks Dave
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    YABC-Yet a Brew Controller: BrewManiacEx

    RollE2k have you got a complete list of parts needed for your pcb please. Have ordered pcb and just need to get parts sorted.
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    That's the one. You're up
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    Bit further north than both of those
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    Right part of continent, but no
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    Try this one
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    Name That Skyline - Picture Game

    Fullers brewery, Chiswick, London
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    New post a picture of your pint

    Should that be p cubed as there are 3 ps?
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    Hi, has anyone got an idiots guide on how to flash your esp8266 with brewpiless, first go at arduino flashing and not sure where to put the brewpiless master folder to be able to flash it to esp. Thanks Dave
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    Mexican Cake clone info - directly from Westbrook Brewery

    Thanks Roadie for the post.
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    20 lb of sugar and a jar of yeast nutrient

    Will give this a try, thanks
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    Hi all, have just got some lemondrop hops and was wondering if anyone had a recipe that uses them, preferably English bitter or IPA, but will try anything. Thanks Dadd
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    Pac Man Yeast

    Woodbury419 did you manage to get hold of any of the pacman yeast? I`ve tried to cultivate from Rogue bottles from Beers Of Europe nr Kings Lynn, but no luck. If you have got some, any chance of a pitch?, willing to pay. I occasionally work on RAF Lakenheath so pick up would be easy Thanks Dave