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  1. sockmerchant

    Brett on brett

    So, there seems to be a consensus that fermentation with any given brett as the primary yeast yields a much cleaner result. Likewise, that pitching brett in secondary will get you much more funk etc etc So, question. Say one does a a primary ferment with brett trois. If one is then to use...
  2. sockmerchant

    Quick (ish) Flanders?

    Before I get all the "There's no such thing!"comments, just hear me out :) I currently have two oud bruins and flanders red doing its thing... slowly. I also have some brett saison etc etc. So, while i am waiting for these slow pokes to turn into something... I have been thinking of doing a...
  3. sockmerchant

    WLP665 – Flemish Ale Blend impressions?

    Hi guys I have an oud bruin going with this blend at the moment (still very early on) and am getting ready to do a flanders red in the near future. This blend has been kicking around for long enough that there should be some finished beers around. What do you guys think of it? How does it...
  4. sockmerchant


    So about a year and a half ago I brewed a tripel. I was not very happy with it. While the brew day and fermentation went very smoothly, the bottles took forever to carb, and the beer had an odd caramel aftertaste that, while not disgusting was very distracting in something like a tripel. Long...
  5. sockmerchant


    I'm planning on doing an (semi-imperial) breakfast stout, and I'm going to add some dried figs to it. I was inspired by a local beer I quite enjoyed on a couple of occasions. The current plan is to combine some of the first runnings with the figs and then to caramelize them, and add them...
  6. sockmerchant

    Summer's Gone Summer Ale

    I brewed this at the ass end of summer while it was bucketing down outside. Such is life. While i say fruity above for tasting notes, its more orange/citrus from the motueka and a bit of passionfruit in the aroma from the sauvin. Very nice beer if i do say so myself Converted from metric...
  7. sockmerchant

    Wyeast 1581-PC Belgian Stout Yeast

    This strain sounds interesting but can't see much info on what people actually thought of it. Is it a new one? Any thought? From wyeast: "Wyeast 1581-PC Belgian Stout Yeast Beer Styles: Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Dubbel, Triple and Quad, Belgian Strong Golden and Dark...
  8. sockmerchant

    Saison d'etre

    4kg Pilsner malt 0.35kg Munich 0.35kg Wheat 0.06 Caramunich 0.25kg Cane Sugar Mashed at 65C for 90mins 25g Hallertaur(8.1%) @60 mins 14g hallertaur(8.1%) @0mins Yeast: Wyeast 3726 Sipping on glass of this Saison I bottled last year sometime. Most of the bottles disappeared real...
  9. sockmerchant

    Sometimes more is too much

    I did a Belgian Wit recently. Was a less than perfect brew day really, but i stupidly decided to add a bit more than usual coriander in. It seemed fine even at bottling time. I just had an early taster (1 week conditioning).... and I REALLY dont like it. Way too much coriander, and i suspect...
  10. sockmerchant

    Oh Dang! What will i get?

    So in the middle of a witbier mash. Except, i mislabelled a grain bag. I now have a crap ton of munich 1.5kg german pils 2.5kg munich 2kg wheat malt .5kg rolled oats basically put in 2kg more munich than i intended. I will up the batch size to 6 gallons to bring the OG down to more...
  11. sockmerchant

    Shipwreck IPA

    3.6kg light LME 1kg munich malt 350g Crystal 20 250 crustal 80 Mashed at 65 C for an hour. 28g Northern Brewer (10.2%) @ 60 50g Cascade (5.5%) @ 30 25g Willamette (4.7%) @ 5 25g Nelson Sauvin (12%) @ 5 Dry hopped with 24g Nelson Sauvin at 7 days. Really nice, very balanced beer. Will...
  12. sockmerchant

    I won!

    SO I finally made what i consider a great beer. Mates and family have liked the previous 5 batches, but i have higher standards. Also...I mostly drink Belgian beers, which have proven tricky. I started with a Westmalle Tripel clone recipe and tweaked it. It honestly was a troublesome batch...
  13. sockmerchant

    Another stuck fermentation thread

    Hi guys So… might have a stuck fermentation on my hands. In hindsight I probably didn’t aerate enough, considering the OG. Had a go at a tripel. This is a half batch (2.5 gallons) with a low (65%) mash efficiency: 3.3kg german pilsner 60g aromatic 30g biscuit 90min mash at 65 C (BIAB)...
  14. sockmerchant

    First AG brew down.... I am sweaty

    Did my first All grain brew today. All round I feel it was fairly successful. I had a go at the westmalle tipel. So far so good. I just did a half batch as I have crap all gear and this way if i balls it up it wont be too much ingredients down the drain. Though... as i said it seemed to...
  15. sockmerchant

    Can I freeze some wort?

    Is it possible to freeze some wort for future yeast related activities? Guessing I can, but just wondering if thats going to break down some stuff I dont want to. Thanks muchly
  16. sockmerchant

    Got bored and this happened

    Got bored waiting for beer to beer. So this thing happned....
  17. sockmerchant

    First Recipe Question

    Hi there New to brewing. Done a couple of kits, neither of which are at drinking age yet. Will see how those go before trying my own thing to get an impression of what i can improve in the basics. Anyhoo, doing an extract jobby next time. The plan is to have a go at a simple Belgian Pale...
  18. sockmerchant

    Another Newby

    New to the brewing and already loving it. I was given some gear and a couple of kits by a workmate I did the "Black Rock Lager" kit first (pretty much on the low side of quality here in NZ). Sat in the fermenter for 10 days, SG stayed put at 1.012 for the last 6 days. High due to using...