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  1. northcountry

    Bulk Aging Question

    Yes, "still" is proper for non-carbonated.
  2. northcountry

    Bulk Aging Question

    I wouldn't after the primary, good possibility, especially with a mead to keep fermenting albeit slowly. You might end up with some carbed mead, or worse yet if there happened to be any weak points in the glass carboy = giant bottle bomb and,,,booom. My dad actually had this happen to him, I...
  3. northcountry

    Making a sweater mead

    Yes, you can, when I do this I use a bit of light dry malt extract for nutrient (0.25lb-0.5 lb in a five gallon batch), as well as nutrient, make a aerated starter, and listen to this: Basic Brewing? : Home Brewing Beer Podcast and DVD - Basic Brewing Radio? 2007 about halfway down is a...
  4. northcountry

    Fruit additives - Whole, dice it, mash it, pulp it, juice it?

    What I do with those spendy vials, is buy a liter of "smart water" a brand of water that has some nutrients already added to it, I pour a quarter of it in a glass, drink that. Feel smarter? With half of the remaining bottle (be sure to recap the bottle each time and reduce the time uncapped), I...
  5. northcountry

    to boil or not to boil?

    Exactly, but better!
  6. northcountry

    Cooke City MT

    Hi, off topic, but I was up north of Henderson Mtn and pulled over to speak with some tele skiers, One of them had a lemon spiced mead that was excellent, and I want to make a homebrewing contact. You had a shaved head, I was on a snowmobile with my girlfriend, I couldn't hear what you said, I...
  7. northcountry

    will molasses flavor mellow w/ ageing

    Bottle it, let it carb, and put it in cold storage for an extended period of time, as many as you can fit on one of the bottom drawers of the fridge, and the rest in the cellar. This will likely mellow any overbearing molasses flavor. Lager at least another month and likely will take two or...
  8. northcountry

    to boil or not to boil?

    look people there are pros and cons of every process, i made my first mead by following papas book, and made an amazing barkshack. In fact 3 years later, I finally drank the last one that was in the bottom drawer of the fridge, it was AMAZING, it had a clean crisp honey ginger taste that was...
  9. northcountry

    My first mead - well, melomel...whaddya think?

    well,,,A little drier in my opinion would be a good thing in comparison to the original, I might have to try that one myself...
  10. northcountry

    Midgets chasing bees

    If your interested in how they do it, here is a fine book, by a gentleman Douglas Whynott, author of many other interesting books also. Here is a short synopsis of the book by Jeremy Tarcher: Following the Bloom: Across America with the Migratory Beekeepers NOTE: This is an
  11. northcountry

    My first mead - well, melomel...whaddya think?

    you should carb up some moose drool real quick and have one, god, the pitchers of that I used to drink at charlies in missoula, that was a fine tasting room back in the day, free all you could drink tasters, just keep tipping the bar maid,,,,then hop on your bike and head to kettlehouse or bayern
  12. northcountry

    how to make a 'TEA' for BarkShack Ginger Mead?

    A google for "lemongrass tea recipe" yields this recipe from Growing and Using Lemongrass Ingredients: 1 tsp. lemongrass 1 cup boiling water Pour the water over the lemongrass and steep for 5 minutes. Sweeten as desired. Makes one cup of tea. Now, we don't know how much barkshack you have...
  13. northcountry

    barkshack question

    My suggestion would be to make a three gallon batch, you wont be sorry, after brewing as a 3 gallon batch, bottle one gallon in 12 oz bottles, and note the change in taste over the course of a year, Bulk age (for at least one year) one in a gallon jug preferably in a cool to cold environ and...