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    daytona beach good beer stores

    I'm in daytona beach for bike week and wanna know if anyone knows where to find good beers at? I'd love to get my hands on some pliney or something that we don't have in MD. I'm actually staying up by flagler beach. Any help would be preciated.
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    Frozen cold crash

    So I cold crashed my first beer in what I thought was a fridge. I went away for a couple days and came back and its almost frozen solid. Will this effect carbonation or should I add some yeast once it thaws out?
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    Maybe a yeast question

    So I racked my first beer over to secondary after 2 weeks. The day after I racked I noticed I was getting alot more airlock activity. Also, now that I can see whats going on in there, I noticed these lil tannish-white things about the size of lets say a piece of kitty litter in there. Some...
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    Should I dryhop a kit?

    I made my first batch of IPA from a kit that came from Williams Brewing about a week ago. The kit came with a pouch of flavoring and aroma pellet hops, but nothing for dry hopping. My understanding is that most IPA's are dry hopped. My OG was 1.12. This seems high to me but I'm thinking...