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    Triple Decoction ?s

    I'm about to brew my first hefeweizen and by all accounts a triple Decoction is the way to go for the mash. I've been reading up on it and have a few questions...My Mash Schedule look like this: Acid Rest: Add 6.00 gal of water at 97.9 F 95.0 F 45 min - Protein Rest Decoct: 1.65 gal of...
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    Use excess wine for a port?

    I saw an online recipe for making port that calls for 1 gallon of grape juice. I just so happen to have an extra gallon of juice that has already fermented for a week or so. Can I use that instead?
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    cold Stabilzing

    Just wondering if anyone had thoughts as to when to cold stabilize a wine(if at all). My MLF is done and I was going to rack it and put it in the fridge for two weeks to hopefully encourage the formation of tartrate crystals so I can filter them out. My question is if now is a good time...
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    Malolactic fermentation question

    I added my MLF culture at about 3 brix while still in primary. I then pressed and racked. So far I have seen no indication that MLF has begun. Should I see something(like bubbles from the airlock) or something? I have heard that this process can take a long time, but how long should it be...
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    Pressing grapes

    I'm about to press the grapes and was wondering if anyone had a good technique on how to do this. It is a relatively small batch and I don't have a press. I intended to do it by hand but was wondering if a juicer wouldn't actually be more efficient. Any done this before or see a reason why it...
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    when to add Yeast Nutrient to wine

    I have added yeast nutrient to the must before fermentation while the Potassium Metabisulfite was doing its work. Should I also add while it is fermenting? It has been a few days a fermentation is starting to slow down. Just wondering if this will give it a boost to help finish the job or if...
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    pressing grapes

    Anyone have a good method for pressing grapes without an actual press? I have a small batch currently fermenting and was wondering if anyone has a tried and true technique. Also, this is a red wine and I've read a few different suggestions on when to press. I'm thinking I'm going to look...
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    Scottish Ale question

    I'm planning a Scottish Heather Ale and was looking for some opionions. I've read you can add the Heather to the boil for bitterness or "dry hop" them at the end for aroma and a little flavor. Anyone done this before? I would appreciate your 2 cents as to which method tasted better. Also...
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    New Spigot in Primary Fermenter

    I just installed a new Italian bottling Spigot in my primary fermentaion bucket. It holds liquid no problem but now that fermentation is going on I guess the pressure is forcing some liquid through(very small amount, not gushing or anything) the seal. A.) should I be worried about this? B.)...