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    Damn Leak!

    whats up! I have a damn leak somewhere.. I'm using a ball lock corny and i cant seem to find the leak. i cleaned all gaskets, and checked them for cracks. nothing. I think its in the beer out. so what i'm going to do is, pressurize the keg, then disconnect both gas and beer out connects and see...
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    Which of these will fit in a mini-fridge?

    HI. I know that a corny kegs will fit.. (duh) but what about these other ones... yes converted kegerator, took out freezer part.. i just want to have some bud light on tap for my dad, and was wondering if these other kegs used the same american style "D" tap just like the big ones.. The...
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    7 Cubic foot freezer fit a keg???

    Hello. I was wondering if a 7.0 Cubic foot chest freezer will fit a full size keg? 1/2 barrel... thanks for looking! :)
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    MINI-Fridge Help!!

    hello.. I've been trying to look for a mini fridge that will hold a full keg.. they seem to fit hieght wise, and length, but most of them have that damm "hump" on the bottom back of the fridge.. do any of you know if there is a mini fridge out there that will fit a keg? 15.5 gallons. any...
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    Are these CO2 Regulators??

    Hello. I saw these on craigslist and since i'm new to kegging and all. I was wondering if these were Co2 regulators and hoses?? these look like they would be, but i dont want to spend money on something that isnt.. or are they O2?? thanks for looking and potentially saving me time and money if...
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    Anyone know where i can get beer towers for cheap?? i want to make some kegerators for my family but i dont want to spend 50 or more for each tower... i tried ebay but cant find any cheaper than that... thanks!
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    Different Grains and Beer Color

    I have a question.. if you want light or dark colored beer. are all the grains pretty much the same? is it how you boil the wort that gives u color? someone please explain.. thanks. or lead me to a site or thread that does... thanks again
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    Cultivating yeast over and over.....

    Hello. I was wondering how to go about cultivating yeast from a primary carboy.. well, i mean for example: i gathered the yeast from the primary, put it in a sanitized water bottle and put a cap on it and put it in the fridge for later use.. it has a little bit of beer of the surface. I figure...
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    Efficiency in fly/batch

    How do you measure "efficiency" in batch or fly sparging?? is there a specific tool used?? i'm kinda grey in this area... thanks in advance!!
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    15.5 karl strauss keg (empty) $30.00

    is that a good deal.. someone i know is selling them (3) for 30 bucks each.. just wondering if thats a good deal or not...
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    Is this a good Temp Control???

    MODEL: Model A19AAT-2AC from Johnson Controls. i found it on craigslist for $45.00, cant seem to find it on google tho for the retail on it.. anyway, seem like a good peice of equip? lemme know. here is the descrip... : In order to convert a freezer and operate it above...
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    Custom Made Glass Carboy

    Whats up, I was wondering I could buy a custom made glass carboy.. reasoning.. I'm really new to this and i just drank my first batch and it was great! So my question being, ... Can I buy a custom made carboy with spouts on them?? some kind of nozzle i can hook up like a rubber valve in 3...
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    Micro Brews in San Diego

    Hello. Just wondering where would be a nice spot to buy some micro brews... I know not much liquor stores carry them.. any idea's?? only one that I've heard was a place called "beverages and more" any others?? thanks
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    New Label. (input please)

    Hello. This is my first label for my first homebrew. I used photoshop and a quote from one of the users that i saw on the forums... lemme know what u think. Thanks to MVKTR2 for the idea.