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    For Sale All Grain Equipment Set Lynnwood, WA Area

    I purchased a shiny new electric system in order to free up some space in my apartment and now I have some spare equipment: 1. 8 gallon pot 2. 5 gallon pot 3. 10 gallon cooler style mash tun 4. Copper cooling coil There is some staining in the mash tun from years of use but it's otherwise in...
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    Independent Craft Brewer Seal

    So, with the wave of acquisitions by everyone's hated foes such as InBev, there's a new way to tell if a brewer hasn't "sold out" yet, a special seal on their six packs and bottles. Independent Craft Brewers Seal There is some licensing fees involved, so not every independent will have the...
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    So, I know the season is already halfway over, but I finally got caught up on the TV show Preacher. I didn't see a discussion thread, so I thought I'd create one. Is anyone else watching? The cinematography is gorgeous on this show and the dark humor is really great. And I'm dying to know...
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    Favorite Amber Ale Hops

    So, I've recently been on a bit of an amber ale kick, having rediscovered the style and why I used to like it. The problem is that my current amber ale recipe calls for Nelson Sauvin hops, and suddenly the local brewers have discovered that hop's unique properties, leading to a frequently empty...
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    What Do You Do to Keep Your Mind Off Beer When You Can't Drink?

    So, I recently spent some time in the hospital for appendicitis, as part of my treatment post-hospital, I can't drink! My antibiotics say not to and I don't want to screw them up because not dying is high on my list of things to do. The most frustrating thing is I couldn't do much in the...
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    Why Don't I Make This More Often?

    So, today I am in the midst of brewing my amber ale recipe, a beer I haven't made in over a year. I was draining off the wort after mashing, admiring the amber color and clarity and I thought to myself "this is a good beer, why don't I make this more often?" And then I thought about and...
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    What Are You Brewing Christmas Day?

    So, I'm an atheist with no kids (that I know of), so Christmas Day is basically a free day off from work for me. With nothing else to do, I decided to brew (of course)! I'm brewing a slightly modified version of my oatmeal stout, is anyone else joining me in brewing on Christmas Day? And if...
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    Is it a Bubble? Ballast Point Sold for $1 Billion

    So, at this point can we say we are in another craft beer bubble? Ballast point was just sold for $1 billion, they're a fairly successful craft beer company, but that seems high to me. Beyond that, it sucks seeing another independent operator sell to big beer...
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    Into the Badlands

    A thread for AMC's new show, Into the Badlands. The show just got started, but I'm intrigued enough to give it a few episodes (and there's only going to be six episodes in season 1). A few quick thoughts. There's a Lot of Cliches The deadly assassin having second thoughts, the boy with the...
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    Jameson Caskmates: Is It Nonsense?

    We've all seen (and drank) beers aged in liquor barrels, and no doubt the soak in a wooden cask imparts the flavors (and some of the alcohol content) of the liquor the cask once held, but what about the reverse? A friend of mine asked me about Jameson Caskmates, a line of whiskey aged in...
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    Safbrew WB-06 Hulking Out!

    So, for a couple of years now I've used Safbrew WB-06 wheat yeast to make my hefeweizen beers, it's a great wheat yeast and comes out pretty tasty. Being a wheat beer yeast, it usually has a pretty active fermentation, and despite the low OG of the beers I use a blowoff tube just in case. For...
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    Another One Bites the Dust...

    I can't say I've had anything from Saint Archer, but apparently Miller-Coors just became the majority owner of the brewery. Is anyone else getting a "craft beer" crash vibe or is it just me...
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    Do You Depit Your Cherries?

    So, I'm making a (hopefully) tasty summer farmhouse ale in Washington State, the idea being that I'm using hops from Yakima and cherries from Yakima, it's my first time using cherries in a beer. After spending an hour removing pits from cherries and then cleaning up the mess, I suddenly thought...
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    True Detective - Musings and WTFs

    So, I did a forum search and didn't find a thread for the show True I thought I'd start one! I just got caught up to season 2 episode 2 today, that's a pretty big shocker ending there. SPOILERS! The guy that shot Ray Velcoro (aka Colin Farrell) kind of looked like Paul...
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    German Polaris Best As An Aroma Hop?

    I wandered into my LHBS last month to get supplies for my usual saison, but they were out of Nelson Sauvin which is what I usually use for that recipe (one half an ounce for bittering, one half for aroma). Feeling experimental, I looked for an interesting sounding hope of roughly the same alpha...
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    Boo Heinen's Boo!

    Heinen's, a local Cleveland grocery store pulled DuClaw Brewery's "Sweet Baby Jesus!" from store shelves because it offended some people. Boo!
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    Homebrewers Sound Like Drug Dealers

    (This is entirely tongue in cheek) Some things I've noticed that make homebrewers seem like drug dealers or drug manufacturers: 1. We have large amounts of white powder and a scale for measuring it Corn sugar, of course. :D 2. We're often talking about Oxy Oxyclean, that is. 3...
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    Washington Brewers Festival

    So the WABL Washington Brewers Festival tickets are now on sale, the festival will be Friday June 19th-Sunday June 21st, who's going? I'll be there Saturday for beer, food (and hopefully) sun! Washington Brewers Festival
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    Flock Party!

    Maybe posted this a little too late, but it just occurred to me. The Black Raven Flock Party is tomorrow, Saturday, May 2nd. Bands, food and beer in Redmond to celebrate my favorite brewery's 6th anniversary, bring a friend! :mug: Black Raven Flock Party
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    Tangerine Wheat is Trademarked?

    Apparently "Tangerine Wheat" is trademarked by Lost Coast Brewery, they recently forced a Seattle brewery to change the name of their tangerine hefeweizen. How...