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    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    What a awesome giveaway. Count me in.
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    Congrats Bobby, brewer of the week!

    Congrats Bobby! I was doing research for the BJCP exam class, that I'm taking. After that I went to the draft web sight. Then I went to the AHA web sight and saw your write up. What great things you have done for so many people, you don't even know! Also to only have been a homebrewer for...
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    To anyone who owns a brew store or knows the business

    I'll purchase a truck load off of you if you buy them. P.M. me if you make the purchase. I'll pick them up.
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    Perlick Group Buy

    Thanks so much for all your work Jeff. Can't wait to get my kegerator together. Really don't want to drill hole in my parents old fridge. Although 5 taps would look good on it. Also with this group buy you caused forrest to give us a great deal on SS shanks to. Thanks again, Matthew
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    Made 10 gal. back in Nov. 16157 + 10 = 16167
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    Perlick Group Buy

    Sent tax. Thanks again!!!
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    White Ring in Secondary?

    Sounds like a layer of just yeast, sitting on top of the trub. Pictures help.
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    American Pale Ale Sacred Summit Pale Ale (AG) [[ Gold Medal and Best In Show ]]

    I thought it tasted great to. Can't wait to try this after it is dry hopped. My glass fermenter still has a pretty heavy layer of krasen on it. I mashed @ 152 for 1/2 hour then 154 for 1hr. Wanted to make sure I had full conversion. The other half is in a ale pale still bubbling about 4-6 a...
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    Perlick Group Buy

    If there is still time I'll take 5 and thanks a lot! Need to know where to pay pal. If it is not to late!!!
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    American Pale Ale Sacred Summit Pale Ale (AG) [[ Gold Medal and Best In Show ]]

    I found summit hops @ northern brewer finally got them. Brewed last Thursday bubbling away right now. I was a little worried about efficiency, so I added 2 extra pounds of 2 row. Ended up with 1.061. Guess I didn't need to worry about it after all. Can't wait to try this!!!! Also I like...
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    VA group bulk grain buy

    Don't forget to get your years supply of hops @ about $10 a #! On the same pallet. :ban::ban:
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    Cream of 3 Crops failure

    do you de-chlorinate your water?
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    American Pale Ale Sacred Summit Pale Ale (AG) [[ Gold Medal and Best In Show ]]

    What would be a good sub. for the summit hops. Hbs doesn't have summit. Amarillo? Cascade?
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    Cheap ball lock Cornies

    Do you still have 12. I should be able to cut out and get them this week.
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    Cheap ball lock Cornies

    how much for 12 to 45403 trying to compare gas cost and time to shipping
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    bulk grain purchase

    I know i was going to try to get in on one @ Columbus craig's list. Idon't know if this was the same purchase or not. That is where I first saw a pdf for North Country Malt. So I notified a guy I met @ HBS who told me him & his brother would be very interested. So I gave him the link to the...
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    bulk grain purchase

    maybe if a few people grouped together and got a couple each; then one of those people represented the smaller group collected the money and got with me? Then we would make the purchase. I don't know how it would work best. Trying to figure the simplest way a bulk purchase could occur...
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    bulk grain purchase

    so far it doesn't seem that people really have that much interest in doing a bulk purchase together @ 1or 2 bags here and there it would take 20 -40 people to do a bulk purchase and would be rough to coordinate that to get it done. If people would get a years supply of say 10 bags @ $300 for 2...