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    Mash Tun/ Lauter Tun Question

    Originally posted in wrong forum... I am relatively new to homebrewing but after gathering/building equipment I am now willing to dive into the deep end by trying an all grain recipe. I have been reading all the good advice offered by all the experienced brewers---thank you. While I still...
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    Salvaging the Labels

    I have seen some really cool labels out there(kudos to you all) and am wondering if there is a way to sanitize the bottles without ruining the custom labels or is trashing the labels during cleaning and sanitizing just part of "doing business"?
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    Over Carbonation Problem

    I have a Maibock that appears to be over-carbonated. It IS possible that the wort had not completely fermented(too many lessons learned to list). The bottles are sitting in a closet at 75F. I am always trying to learn as I go so I chill a bottle once a week and taste it. I know it's not ready...
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    When to rack to secondary

    I am new to the home brew community so I have found myself reading many books and message boards looking for ways to improve my beer quality. One of the thigs I have seen in many recipes is to rack my beer into the secondary fermenter "when fermentation slows". What does this mean exactly? Can...