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  1. cslewisster

    Getting Beer Jobs

    Any hints on where to look for ads or getting hooked up at a local brewery? I'm 23 and about to graduate from college, my wife has a job and we have no kids, so I'd really like to get a job being around what I enjoy (even if it's just being a grunt). So what should I do?
  2. cslewisster

    Suggest West Coast Breweries

    I tend to drink East Coast beer pretty exclusively (especially local Pennsylvania Brews) and I'm attempting to expand my horizons. What are some great West Coast Breweries to check out? I'm up for almost anything in terms of beer styles so feel free to suggest specific brews from specific breweries.
  3. cslewisster

    Brew Clubs In Philly

    Anyone know of a Homebrew club or something in the Delaware County area that meets on a regular basis?
  4. cslewisster

    Lager or Oatmeal Stout Recipe

    I'm looking for a good Lager or Oatmeal Stout Recipe using . Any suggestions. I'm looking for something that is a grain/extract brew as I don't have the confidence for an all grain brew. If it's a lager I'd love to have something like a Yuengling clone. For the Oatmeal Stout I'm up for...
  5. cslewisster

    First American Barleywine

    So what can I expect? I'm using a kit with basically this (there are a few mods to the recipe, my kit came with grains and one of the hop pellets were different) 12 lb. Alexander’s Pale Malt Extract ½ lb. Munton’s Carapils Malt 20L ½ lb. Briess Crystal Malt 120° L ½ lb. Briess...
  6. cslewisster

    Sterilizing Bottles

    Anyone ever used the oven? How did it turn out? Did you break any bottles? Do you have any advise for using the oven to sterilize bottles (like don't turn up the heat fast, don't do it...etc).