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    Finally entering the real world

    I've finally think i have the guts to move off the kits, and look at making my own beer, what Recipe to you think that i should try?? Seeing as this will be my first beer made from ingredients, I'm looking for something not to hard, or that bitter, but still will be good for the heat of summer
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    Hey. Just a strange question, i've just started my second, thought i should try a pilsener, after a few days i have a yesty eggy smell, is this normal
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    About to start bottling

    Hi I'm going to start bottling my first brew later on this week (will be 14 days in primary), and i was just wondering if anyone had any hints for me, instead of going for 750ml glass bottles, i've got in a load of 330ml bottles. so if any of the bottles blow i wont have a lot of waste? I'm...
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    I've just got the coopers kit, and the manual says it will take about 7 days! but every else i look says 3 weeks? I'm lost please help.