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    Need an APA Bittering Hop?

    I meant cloud as in get in the way of a clean hop profile not in terms of clarity. Sorry if this was ambiguous. I agree that it is a mainstay of commercial APAs but I personally prefer the style to be a showcase of hop flavor and aroma without intense bitterness. I would maybe head towards...
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    BC question for blonde ale

    You should have fine carbonation with that much sugar. My guess would be the temperature. The yeast is going to struggle a bit at the end of fermentation, there is alcohol present and they have been dormant for at least a couple weeks. Higher temperatures are needed for bottles to carbonate...
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    Economical and quick wort cooling methods

    Wort chillers work great and are in my opinion worth every cent. A simple immersion chiller isn't too expensive and will cut your chilling time in half easily or even more if you are doing a partial boil. It is also even more important if you move on to brewing full boil batches. It is...
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    Need an APA Bittering Hop?

    I'm a huge fan of Columbus for beers that I want to be hop forward and lighter. It's a great bittering hop. I think it goes well with amarillo especially if you can use some columbus in 30 minute or less additions. If your not a fan of most APAs out there you might stay away or just use a bit...
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    Wyeast Strain similar to SafAle English Ale S-04

    I think it is a closer match to the Fullers yeast, which is Whitelabs 002. There is chart online, that says 002 is the same as Wyeast 1968. I don't have any experience with the whitbread yeast but the white labs yeast is good for getting some English character.
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    Ranco gone wrong

    I bought a ranco about two months ago from a retailer on ebay. A few days ago the unit stopped working. The wiring is good, the unit is getting power. It worked well for about six weeks before shutting down. I'm not getting an error message, it simply shows no sign of being on. Has...
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    Dry hop in primary?

    One advantage of adding hops to primary is the yeast's ability to use the oxygen that will be added with the hops. This will promote a longer lasting beer. Sierra Nevada released a paper recently that found that unique flavor compounds can be created if yeast is actively fermenting while dry...
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    A question of altitude

    It doesn't matter. Temperature changes in the mash allow you to adjust the rate of the alpha and beta amylases. This wouldn't be affected by the pressure difference due to your elevation. That said you may find that your process may require tweaking mash temps to produce exactly what you...
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    Bottle early and skip priming sugar?

    I think that if you are set on doing this it would be a good idea to do a satellite fermentation rather than relying on the gravity of a previous batch. One of the homebrew heroes on this forum runs this site which would be my go to resource...
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    Adding a splitter to a manifold

    I'm looking to increase the number of beers I can have on tap, but I don't want to buy another gas splitter. I also don't want to go without a check valve. I was thinking about cutting a gas line on the keg side of the gas splitter and adding a tee. I was thinking about something like this...
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    1st Time Kegging, Head but no Carbonation

    I wish I could tell you. I think it is pouring with some carbonation but is all coming out of solution during the pour. I'm not sure what is the problem, I was hoping some one here has some advice. Adam
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    1st Time Kegging, Head but no Carbonation

    I have had my keg setup running for about 2 weeks now. I set my kegs at 12 psi at about 43 degrees F. My kegs were cold when I started them on the gas but I'm still not getting any carbonation. I do however get a nice head on my beers. I'm using cobra taps on the end of 5 feet of 3/16 tubing...
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    adjusting hop amounts for full boils?

    I second BeerAlchemy, it was one of the best investments I have made into brewing. It's well worth it!
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    Brew system idea

    I'm designing my new brewing system and I have access to both full sankey kegs and 7.75 gallon pony kegs. I really like Chosenwon's Rig and want to design something similar. I want to replace the HLT with a pony keg that would simply be a holding vessel for sparge water. I would use the...
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    Using a cracked pot?

    Yep, I never put a valve in it so I lift it with my strike water and dump into my mash tun. I also dump the cooled wort into my fermenter when I am all done.
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    Using a cracked pot?

    There is a picture linked at the end of the first post, but yes the cracks are on either side of the rivets for the handle. I would say about an inch away for the larger crack and three inches for the smaller crack. The smaller crack is in the middle of the area between the two sets of rivets...
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    Using a cracked pot?

    I couldn't get manufacturer information because these pots are from China. The man I spoke to said that this is why they only offer the 30 day return policy. Any opinions or experiences in using a cracked pot? I think this will be just for the interim until I can figure out what I want to...
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    Using a cracked pot?

    I couldn't agree more Gila. I called them and they said they only have a thirty day return policy. Very cool thread, BF. But I think I will probably end up buying a new pot rather than a torch for soldering. What do y'all think about continuing to use this pot? Is catastrophic failure...
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    Using a cracked pot?

    I bought a 10 gallon stainless steel pot from Austin Homebrew Supply a little over a year ago and have used it as my HLT and Brew Kettle. I brewed this weekend and noticed a three inch long crack from the top of the pot going straight down. I brewed again the next day and noticed a second crack...
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    Overshot Gravity, More Yeast?

    I over shot my gravity on an IPA this afternoon. I was shooting for 1.064 but ended up with about 4.5 gallons and my gravity was 1.084. I pitched a single pack of US-05. I've got a pack of notty in reserve and I'm thinking about adding it. I want this beer to finish somewhere in the...