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    Groupon Half Off Brewing Kit

    Just an FYI for anyone who is looking to get a brewing kit, Groupon has a half off a brewing kit from Midwest. The kit is on special for $63 (usually $127). I'm not sure if every city has it, but I know Birmingham, AL does.
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    Cherry Coke by Mixing Extracts

    Good Morning, I picked up some cola extract yesterday from my LHBS and already have some cherry cola extract. My fiance and I would like to create a cherry coke (ish) cola. Has anyone ever tried mixing extracts? One 4oz bottle makes 4gal of soda, so I was thinking of going 4oz cola, 1oz...
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    Mashing (but not lautering) in a cooler?

    I have begun to get into all grain batches for my brewing. Since I am only just beginning and live in an apartment I've been using a mixture of Deathbrewer's Stove-Top method and Charlie Papazin's bucket lauter tun (it may not be his, but that's where I saw it first). I've done 2 batches and...
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    Polyethylene Line Resistance

    I've looked and can't find the info I'm looking for. I'm trying to balance my kegerator (in the design stage). I'd like to use polyethylene tubing (like the stuff at Lowes) going from the keg output (at 12psi) to my Perlick Tap Tower (see...
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    GE 7 cu ft Freezer Power Draw

    Hi all, I've looked high and low here and online for some information on the GE 7 cu ft Freezer's power draw to no avail. I called GE and (surprise, surprise) the woman who answered the phone was no help. She told me that the freezer requires 3000-4500W on start-up (about 40A @120V) which I'm...
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    Bottling from a Keg

    I did a quick search and couldn't find anything on this so I'm hoping I can get soem help from you guys. I made a Helles for a vacation I'm going on next week as normal (from brewing to kegging - to carbonate) and now I want to bottle it for easy transport. It's at 15psi right now. Does...
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    Abita Andygator Clone?

    Hey, I'm looking to try for a clone of Abita's Andygator (it's a Helles Doppelbock). I couldn't find anything here or online for a recipe so I was looking for some input from more experienced brewers as I've only been homebrewing for about a year and a half (only 6 months with partial mash)...
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    Football Championship Brew Recipe

    Hey all, As graduate students at the University of Alabama, my roommates and I are very excited about our boys going to Pasadena to play in the BCS Championship game. Unfortunately, we can not make it to California, but we'd like to brew a special batch to celebrate the day of the game...
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    DIY Scratch Keezer Controller

    Hey guys, I just finished a chest freezer conversion and tried to do the build on as tight of a budget as I could. I've seen alot of posts about using thermostats and such to make your own temperature controller rather than buying one. I took it a step further and created my own controller...
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    Viability of Yeast

    I transferred my first batch of brew from a primary to a secondary about 2 weeks ago and harvested yeast from the primary according to John Palmer's book. I have had another batch in the primary until yesterday and thus am ready for a third batch. The yeast from the first batch is the same...
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    Fermentation Done, Stuck or Yeast Dead?

    I've searched the forums for about an hour this morning and can't find an answer to my situation. I brewed on Sunday around noon with a Brewer's Best Scotch Ale kit. I colded the wort quickly (and a little too much - it was 55 degF). So I covered the wort and let the temperature come back up...
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    Storing Hops

    I searched the posts and could not find this although I can't imagine it not already being discussed. My situtation is: My closest homebrew shop is about 1.5 hours away. What is this best way to store hops for 3-4 months? And, how long will the hops stay fresh with those methods? Thanks...
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    Circulation in Fermenter

    I'm brianstorming ideas to keep my fermenter cool in Alabama. Does the fermentation circulate the beer in the fermenter? My understanding is that the fermenter should bubble pretty good. I would assume that this would provide pretty good circulation.
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    Tips for first brew

    I'm looking into starting homebrewing, with an extract kit first with the intention of ramping up to all grain brewing. Is there any advice or tips anyone can give me to avoid some pitfalls you guys have had in your experience? Thanks for the help!