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  1. Nablis

    wy2042 danish lager review experience

    Others post your experiences as well. I made a munich Dunkel with wy2042 Made a 4 liter starter for 10 gallons of beer, cooled and decanted after 24hours on stir plate. Pitched at 48f Went from 1.070 to 1.019 racked to secondary after 27days I liked the yeast flavor but it took 2 months...
  2. Nablis

    wyeast 2007 St Louis Lager

    I have a german pilsner fermenting now with this yeast. Did a 2 gallon starter at room temp for 5 days then chilled and decanted. 11lbs pils 2oz spalt select 75min .5oz spalt 15 .5oz spalt 1 mash 148 Pitched at 50 fermenting at 50 Anyone have experience with this yeast? I picked it...
  3. Nablis

    Wlp006 Bedford British review

    I have used this for 3 beers now and just wanted to give some observations, other please post yours. Ferments fast, krausen drops within 3 days usually. I warm it up and give it some more time to clean up. Drops pretty clear, takes some time to mature, a couple weeks. Does not attenuate...