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    Kolsch/Orange peel question

    I have a Kolsch in primary. Fermenting around 62 degrees. It will be ready to rack to secondary in about 10 days. I am getting sent to Israel in a couple days(for two months), so a brewing friend has agreed to rack it to secondary for me. I had intended to put 4 oz of orange zest into...
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    Stir plate throws the bars

    I can't get my stir plate to work, always throws the bars. I have two rare earth magnets, polarity opposite mounted to the fan. I have three sizes of bars, from 1/2 inch to 1 1/4 inch. I use a oring on the bars to help with spinning. I have a 2 liter flask and am planning on making a 2...
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    Fresh pressed apple juice

    Thinking of making a cyser with the fall apple crop coming up. Since fresh pressed juice isn't clear, in fact its opaque, how do I go about making a clear apple mead? Going to do 3 gallons 9 lbs orange blossom hunny mead yeast yeast food
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    Albuquerque Brewers!

    I'm going to be in town for several weeks. Where do you like to drink, and where is a good store to buy good beer at. Thanks
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    Newbie mead question

    Been brewing beer for a year. Made 20 gals of cider thats a hit with friends. So am now trying mead. made the following 14 lbs blackberry honey topped off to 5 gals with spring water nutrient/DAP following directions 3 lbs frozen, pitted and chopped bing cherries in a mesh bag 2...
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    Stir plate build question

    I'm building a stir plate from the plans off a previous thread. in the schematic for the circuit, the capacitors are shown to be installed with respect to polarity. I have two ceramic capacitors to install and I can't seem to tell what the...
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    Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP)

    Apparently TSP is no longer environmentally correct. Nobody around here sells it anymore. There is a substitute called TSP/90 that is a liquid. A 5 lb box of powder TSP would last me several months and cost about 9 bucks. This new liquid crap says a whole container will make 2.5 gallons of...
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    Spinal Fusion

    Leaving for the hospital in an hour. Hopefully will get rid of the constant pain of the past two years. I have 50 gallons of beer, 10 in fermenters, 20 in clearing tanks and 20 kegged. I'm thinking that will last me for the two months I'll be off work. Wish me luck........
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    Keg Build Help

    I've been searching this forum for an hour and can't find the parts list for doing a weldless faucet on a keg. Can anybody help me out? Would like to go to the store today. Have a keg with a hole in the side and want to brew......
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    Fusion of the Spine

    After a couple years of pain, pain, PAIN, I finally went to the doctor and he told me I'm getting a fusion at L4-L5 and a disctectomy at L5-S1. I told him after this I better not see him for twenty years..... Anybody have this (or similiar) done and what can I expect? The only bennie I...
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    Read this, pretty cool car of the future

    I guess PBS did a little documenttry on cars of the future. I didn't get to see it, but a freind who did pointed this out. pretty interesting. what do you all think?
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    Fishkill, NY What?????

    Guess I pissed somebody off so I'm getting sent to Fishkill for 6 weeks or so. Not sure if I'll have any time off to actually do anything, but just in case - what is there to do in (or around) Fishkill NY? BTW, I'm in Oregon, so haven't been to NY too much thanks for any suggestions
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    What do ya'll think of this recipe?

    I recently made a lemon wheat that was really good (to me). Light and crisp. Got to thinking and came up with this. Showed the recipe to a AG EAC friend of mine and his comment was(with sarcasm dripping off the edges), "looks like a unique brew. Tell me how the last glass tastes."...
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    Whirlfloc ???

    I'm on my second brew using whirfloc as a clearing agent. I drop it in in the last 15-20 minutes of the boil. It seems to me that it seriously increases the amount of trub in the beer. Also, when the krausen forms, it is very thick and doesn't completely drop, even after two weeks there is...
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    Need help

    I'm looking for a thread I'm pretty sure I saw on here about converting a fridge to a kegerator. I particular was the information on taking the door apart, removing the trays and such and installing a piece of plywood or sheet metal thru which you mount the taps. My fridge is small and by...
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    Should I post this here? BBQ????

    Out here in the PNW, I'm on a big hunting and fishing forum. When you bring up the subject of BBQ (purchasing one) the only thing anybody talks about is the Traeger line of grills The base model Traeger is around $600, and goes WAY up from there. Since this...
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    Why, oh why? is my beer doing this?

    I made a pretty basic amber ale. Its the third time I have made this. 2 lbs Specialty grains 7 lbs DME Wyeast 1056 Hops (basic schedule) I made it two weeks ago last saturday. It spent 7 days in the primary. Yes, it was still fermenting when I transfered it to secondary...
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    Equipment - deal or no?

    I have been offered these items for the prices listed. I think I'm gonna go for it. What does the collective conciousness think? 5 gallon carboys (3 of them) - $5 apiece 3 tier gravity brewing rack $75 1 metal keg with whole cut off top and spout saudered onto lower side $50 1...
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    Natural Gas vs Propane

    I bought a new (to me) house last month. I had a gas line installed from the furnace to power the kitchen range. While doing so, I had the dude stub in a line so I can run a burner in the garage, instead of running a propane tank. Can any of you good people give me an idea of what kind of...
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    Anybody Own LG appliances?

    I Am getting ready to buy all new kitchen appliances. Anybody have any experience with LG products? I have the ability to buy them at wholesale prices and can save a substantial amount, but would rather buy quality than save money and buy problems. Any help here? Thanks