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    Perlick Faucets

    I have read lots of threads on this forum discussing the differences between standard and Perlick faucets. Everywhere I have read it lists the Perlick a s being All stainless steel. Just before I ordered a set of them, I saw a replacement plastic valve for them. Can anyone tell me if a plastic...
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    1 gallon fermentor idea CHEAP!!

    I have made a few batches of EdWorts Apfelwein and have loved every last drop of it. The last batch I did was this weekend (I have been using Motts apple juice for the batches) and just noticed that the containers Motts use are fairly sturdy and made of PTE plastic. These containers also accept...
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    EdWort's Apfelwein questions..

    Can you reuse the yeast cake from a previous batch, just as you would while making beer? I know you can only do this a few times (4 generations) but my LHBS is far enough away that the $0.70 yeast would cost me $10 in gas.. on a side note, edWort wasn't kidding when he said make another...
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    Found a use for my Mr Beer container!!

    Ok so I too started YEARS ago with a mr beer.. when I realized that the process of all grain brewing was within my capabilities.. I moved on. I Didn't want to get rid of the mr beer and I didnt know what to do with it. At first I used it for 2 gallon test batches, but it isnt air tight and...
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    Riwaka Pellet Hops.. have you used them?

    I can only find Riwaka Pellet Hops a few places, and they aren't cheap, but I like citrus hops. Has anyone used these? I did a forum search and found a really old post with little information, so I figured i would ask. I really want to use them for a flavor / aroma hop in a big 2xIPA, but I...
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    Is Lager brewing diferent?

    Ok, so I am a longtime all grain ale brewer, but I have never done a Lager all grain or otherwise. I am getting ready to purchase the equipment to Lager (14 cu. ft. freezer and temp controller) so I should be set in a week or so. I am wondering if there is anything I can do / should do...