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  1. acparr27

    6 Weeks Primary

    I have an oatmeal stout kit that has been in the primary for 6 weeks. Is this beer going to be ok? Why is 4 weeks seem to be the max that people go? I am also fermenting around 65 degrees in my basement. Thanks for the input!
  2. acparr27

    No Body

    I brewed a pumpkin ale and it has been in the bottles for almost 4 weeks. I tried one at two weeks and it was bearable but not good. I tried one a few days ago and it has absolutely no body or mouth-feel. It smells and starts like a pumpkin and finishes with a hop taste but has nothing in the...
  3. acparr27

    Making a starter

    Whats the best way to make a starter using liquid yeast. I know LME should be used but i dont want to use any from the kit. What other options can i use that I can buy at a local grocery store? Also dont want to order and pay shipping because I dont have a home brew store in the area. Has...
  4. acparr27

    Boiling Issues

    I just brewed my first batch at a new house im living in for the summer but the propane stove could not keep the boil going unless I left the lid on. I kept taking it off every few mins to get the hops off of the side. Hope it turns out alright since i couldnt keep a steady rolling boil. Once...