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    alcohol boost in extract kits?

    hi, im now on my 4th batch, from extract, and was wondering whats the best way to boost alcohol in extract brewing? honey? sugar?
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    quick F.G question

    im brewing a wheat beer for my second batch.. O.G was 1.055, F.G was at 1.010, is that a good F.G for bottling? recipe was : 6#wheat LME 1# Specialty grains 1 oz vanguards @ 15 min 1 oz vanguards @ 30 min
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    simple plastic bottle filler question

    i have a plastic bottle filler. the kind that comes with all the equipment. i tried everything but i just cant seem to attatch it to the tube, they both have the same diameter, even tried tried sticking them together with tape LOL but it kept sliding off.. any help? was meant to bottle today...
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    irish moss and when to add?

    my first batch was a pale ale.. doing it again for my third batch but with afew additions... read alot about irish moss being very good at clearing a beer, my first pale ale was extremly cloudy...would really like it abit clearer, read here irish moss would help alot, if so when do i add? any...
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    guinness anyone?

    i love guinness, i have the option of getting a stout kit from my LHBS, but i was looking for something close to guinness, can anyone help?
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    Second batch gravity question

    so my first batch is bottled:ban: ,second batch in primary for 7 days now and it seems like its stuck at 1.015, not sure what the F.G should be,(my kits dont come with instruction) , recipe as follows 6# wheat LME 1# specialty steeping grains 2 oz vanguards safeale dry yeast O.G. was...
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    Its Official!!

    its official.. im never buying beer again!!first batch is in the bottle. and i went out and got more supplies for my second batch:tank:, thank you all for answering my sometimes stupid questions and helping with my first ever batch,,:mug: its not a hobby anymore..turning into a habbit:rockin:
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    vanguards anyone?

    ok, im plannign on a wheat ale for my second batch, my LHBS suggested vanguards hop pellets, but ive read alot of negative feedback about vanguards all over the internet.anyone tried it?
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    what goes on inside the bottle?

    ok, i know carbonation goes on in there but what else? i bottled my first ever batch and being the newbie that i am i decided to open one bottle after 2 days,just to experiment and to taste the difference in the ageing process, and after 2 days in the bottle the one i opend was PERFECT,couldnt...
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    getting rid of yeast in bottle

    quick question.. im getting a bit of white liquid on the bottom of my bottles. was told its yeast,, any way of getting rid of that for my second batch?
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    priming sugar question

    im first batch of american pale ale came out under 5 gallons. about 4 gallons.. was wondering how much priming sugar to put if its at 4 gallons
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    reuse bottle caps??

    just a quick question.. working on my first batch(in primary), got a few bottle caps that came with my kit but was wondering if you can reuse them? i know theyre not that expensive but i was just curious lol
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    fermentation help plssss

    ok so my batch has been in primary or more than a week now and it was stuck at 1.020, threw in another packet of yeast just like i was told here on HBT,, took a reading 2 days later and its still at 1.020, infection maybe? if not should i rack to secondary? dont know what else to do:confused...
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    fermentaion stuck i think

    first batch ahs been in primary for a week , and hydrometer read 1.020 for the past 4 days. i tried swirlling it abit to get the yeast ive been told that i might need another packet of yeast.if so do i just get another dry yeast and just dump it in the primary or is there another way i...
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    hops wont go down.

    so my first batch has been in primary for about a week now and theres still alot of hops floating around in my primary, will they go down when in the secondary? plus my hydrometer reading has been at 1.020 for the past 2 or 3 days,should i rack to secondary or wait abit longer? american pale...
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    Extract Kit O.G/F.G help

    hi..just got a new hydrometer today. and i was unable to get the O.G of my first batch last week,, its and extact kit,but it didnt come with any instructions. could anyone guesstimate the O.G/F.G of this recipe?? check it today and it was at 1.020 6# Pale Malt Extract 1# specialty grains...
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    ABV/O.G question..

    hi.. just brewed my first batch a few days ago and now its in the primary..unfortunatly i didnt have my hydrometer at the time so i couldnt get and O.G, is it possible for a pro brewer to guesstimate the ABV or the O.G by looking at the recipe? if so here it is : 6# Pale Malt Extract 1#...
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    In primary for 1 day... airlock silent

    ok, got my first batch in primary yesterday.. airlock was going crazy after about 12 hours.. 24 hours later all silent.. no bubbles what so ever? is this normal for an american pale ale?
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    First batch under way.. couple of questions

    ok,, so i just brewed my first batch yesterday,a pale ale, but unfortunatly i dont have a hydrometer so i couldnt take OG. hopefully i will get it in the mail before the secondary, but is a secondary a must? or can i just bottle after 10 or so? so far so good in the primary.. airlock is going...
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    any idea??? - (random ingredient list, want help w/recipe)

    what can i make? first ever brew,,any ideas? p.s. only have a 3 gallon pot , so i have to boil 2.5 gallons or maybe even 2 6#LME 1#DME 1oz cascade 1 pack fermentis dry yeast