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    Mom wants to slow brewing

    Well I wanted to share with yall something I thought yall might appreciate.. I live with my parents still while I am going to college and after a couple batches of beer going and a several gallons of wine, my mom made the dreaded remark to me... She said, "I think you need to start slowing...
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    5L Mini Kegs

    Ok, I've done a lot of searching on mini kegs and have not found what i was looking for so I need yalls help. I got a whole mini keg system, 10 5L kegs, 6g bucket, 5g glass carboy and brewpot etc from a guy off of craigslist for $20. Now I am trying to learn how to do this mini keg system with...
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    Another successful brew... But a few ?'s

    Well hello again. Today I have completed my third successful brew which is already bubbling happily in the fermenter. As you can see from my signature this batch was a weizenbier. Anyways, while brewing I thought of a question for yall. I am doing an extract brew which is using a partial...
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    Great beginner beer ideas

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if any of you old timers have any suggestions for people just starting out in the hobby. What are some ideas of beers that are hard to mess up? You know, confidence building beers!:drunk: Thanks for any suggestions or recipes
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    Inexpensive temperature control

    I am new around here and I wanted to share with yall a clever way I found of keeping the fermenting temperature steady throughout the fermentation. It started as something I had to do on accident because I ferment in my garage and one night the temps here plunged down really low so I had to come...