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  1. Spine

    Brewing Books for Sale!

    Hello All, I need to generate some cash in order to upgrade some of my equipment so I am selling some brewing books. 1. The Home Brewers Companion - Charlie Papazian 2. New Brewing Lager Beer - Gregory J. Noonan 3. Designing Great Beers - Ray Daniels 4. Clone Brews - Tess and Mark...
  2. Spine

    Mike's Electric Indoor Brewhouse

    Hello Everyone, Just thought I would share some photos of my latest brewhouse setup that I am using. I am on an limited budget so I tried to maximize the value in everything I did. I also live in Canada so things are either more expensive here or I blow my budget on shipping costs...
  3. Spine

    Growing Hops from Plants

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased 6 hop plants (female, about 6" tall). I got 2x Cascade, 2x Mount Hood and 2x Hallertauer. Where I live in Canada we will still be having frost conditions as late as May 24 so I was wondering what I should be doing with these plants? Should I put them in...
  4. Spine

    Arduino with 2wire/SMBUS digital thermometer

    Hello Everyone, I finally managed to get my Arduino talking to a DS1624 Digital Thermometer and Memory IC that I had lying around for a while and thought it might be useful to use for homebrewing. Two wire devices typically only have 4 wires going to them (power, ground and 2 communications...
  5. Spine

    Phosphoric Acid Taste Threshold Question

    Hello everyone, I have moderately hard water where I live and I have been in the past using a lot of distilled water to dilute the bicarbonates/carbonates to an acceptable level and then adding some CaCl or CaS04 to get the calcium back up to at least 50ppm. On the last few batches I have...
  6. Spine

    Mike's Lagerator

    Hello everyone, just thought I would share some pics and info on an old brewing project of mine. I use the same fridge as a dispensing/fermenting and lagering. When I am fermenting (lagers only in the fridge as my cold cellar is perfect for ales) unfortunately my serving temperature is also...
  7. Spine

    Mike's E-KEGGLE

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share photos of my latest project. Much of my inspiration came from "The Pol" on his quest to go fully electric. (all prices canadian dollars unless otherwise noted and do not include tax) Parts: - 4500W 240VAC water heater element (home depot) $24ish - about...
  8. Spine

    Can improper pours cause the beer to taste different?

    Hello everyone.. I think I have an interesting story to share. I have a keg system in a fridge that is precisely temperature regulated and since the beginning I have been using 5' lines of 3/16" beer line. Almost always there would be way too much foam at my dispensing pressure (11psi) and I...
  9. Spine

    W-34/70 woes - weird smell/taste

    Hello everyone, A while ago I made an AG munich helles and fermented it with W-34/70 dry yeast which supposedly is widely used in europe. I was able to accurately control the fermentation temp with to 50dF and did a diacetyl rest (although i couldnt really detect any at all) at 65df for 48hrs...
  10. Spine

    pH and Temperature Correction

    Hello Everyone. On the weekend made and AG batch and this was my first batch in which I tried removing some of the carbonate/bicarbonate with some phosphoric acid. I added the acid (70% solution) directly to the mash with a dropper and stirred well and measured the pH. The pH seemed to...
  11. Spine

    Steam Mashing vs Decoction Mashing

    Hello Everyone, I am currently in the process of building some steam mashing equipment so I can start steam mashing. I have been discovering that a lot of german brews use decoction mashing in order to produce more melanoidin flavours and I was wondering if this is due to the multiple...
  12. Spine

    My Cheap n Easy Cooler MLT

    Hello All, I just wanted to share my cooler MLT that I made. It's real cheap and easy to make and works quite well for batch sparge (I recommend bobby_M's no mash out, double sparge method). Also the parts required are super cheap even here in Canada! Parts Required: 48qt cooler with...