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  1. JDBREW26

    Dry Hopping in the primary??

    Just searching the forums it seems that some brewers seem to leave there brew in the primary and not rack to the secondary at all. When using this method can you still dry hop?? I am trying to get as much beer in the pipeline as possible....seems that the friends come around alot more...
  2. JDBREW26

    Noob IPA recipe...F.G. seems high???

    So...I decided to try my own IPA recipe. Considering I have done one kit maybe this was a bad idea. The O.G. was 1.062 and the F.G. was 1.021. So that would make this brew 5.38 ABV. It has been in the primary for 10 days. I am thinking the F.G. is too high. Heres the recipe. 6lbs Pale DME...