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  1. Amity

    Fining cherry wine

    I made a cherry wine in August, and it's happily sitting in a glass carboy. Normally I let wines settle naturally, but this seems to be have it's own idea. The top half is clear, but the bottom half is quite cloudy. What's the best way to clear this? I have some kieselsol and chitosan that is...
  2. Amity

    Desperate times... (Ever done this??)

    Please tell me I'm not the only one. I'm currently low on cash, got no beer in the house, and it's been a really long day. I've got a couple of beers in Primary downstairs, about a month into the process. I sanitized a glass, and dipped a pint. Tastes so good. Anyone?
  3. Amity

    Brauhaus Mosaic

    My wife, Jocelyn, is a mosaic artist - she works with glass and paper to create amazing mosaics as a hobby. Jocelyn decided to make a brewery sign for me last year, and in between having a son, managed to squeeze this out too: It will hang nicely in my basement brewery window!
  4. Amity

    Canada Day Eve Kegger

    For the last three years, my wife and I have hosted a come one, come all keg party on July 30, since it's the last day of work for me (teacher) and everyone else has the day off on July 1. In previous years we've served 3 corny kegs of beer. This year we are stepping it up. My brewing pal and I...
  5. Amity

    De-alcoholizing beer (Belgian Wit)

    I brewed a Belgian Wit ( a few weeks ago, and we kegged it yesterday. I put a gallon of it in a glass jug to make my pregnant wife some Non-Alcohol beer. I heated it to 78C (165-170F) for about 20 minutes, until I couldn't smell...
  6. Amity

    'S' (Euro) Keg valve removal/installation

    I've got a couple of 'S' style kegs with the threaded valve. My brewing partner and I are interested in using at least one of the kegs in its original state. However, I'm not sure about installing the threaded valve. I've done hours of internet searching, and cannot find a tool to remove the...
  7. Amity

    Windsor yeast and sulphur

    I did a BIAB a few weeks ago and used Windsor yeast for the first time. First hydro sample tested at 1.022 after two weeks. I was fermenting at 68F. I roused the yeast to no avail. Pitched some new Notty, and a week later the gravity was not changed. In addition, every sample has reeked and...
  8. Amity

    Simple Electric setup

    Just got a PM from someone asking for a photo or diagram of my electric setup. It's dead simple, and fully manual. Brewtalizer by Michael D. Hamilton, on Flickr Basically, I split the power with aluminum distribution blocks, then ran power to switches and back to a receptacle where I plug in...
  9. Amity

    Kegging with no refrigeration

    Does anyone else keg without a keezer or kegerator? I've done it for nearly two years now. I don't have space for a dedicated fridge or freezer for my beer, so I just carbonate at basement temperature (68F or so) and enjoy the beer as-is. Eventually my basement tenant will leave and I'll have a...
  10. Amity

    French Saison (3711) - what a beautiful beast! (video)

    I had a French Saison pack from Aug 2010 that I needed to use, and wanted to brew something my wife might like. I decided on a Belgian Blonde. OG 1.054, lightly hopped. I made a small 1L real wort starter (I don't chill my wort), and pitched the day following brewing. Within 12 hours it was...
  11. Amity

    Fridgemate II temp controller

    I bought the Fridgemate II for $70 from Canadian Homebrew Supplies ( a while ago and finally got around to getting it wired up. I mounted it in a water tight electrical box, cut a hole with a Dremel (measure twice, cut once!!) and plugged it in. Seems fairly straight...
  12. Amity

    IIPA hop schedule - utilization formulas and boil size?!?

    So I've been wanting to make a Ruination clone. I'm doing extract + grains for this recipe. I plan on a 3 Gallon boil, then top up. Half of the extract at the beginning, half at flame out. My question is regarding the hop schedule. Most of the "clone" recipes call for 1.5-2 oz of Magnum...
  13. Amity

    Can't wait! Extract Saison!

    So I brew with a buddy, 10 gallon electric all-grain batches. We don't get together often enough, and I have my own brews that I like, so I still do some extract brewing... I've had a French Saison (3711) yeast in my fridge since March, and finally got around to using it this week. The...
  14. Amity

    The Brewtalizer Electric Brewery

    It's been 8 months in the making. A lot of dry kegs right now, unfortunately. Our previous propane burner system was unsatisfactory (chronic problems with lighting and maintaining a lit burner, brewing outdoors in Edmonton's winter sucks.) The rest of the system has not been photographed...
  15. Amity

    Cleaning aluminum kettle brew system

    I have an electric brew kettle that's aluminum. Is there a recommended cleaning product that will also work on with the march pump, and the silicone hose? I know that oxyclean is outfor aluminum.
  16. Amity

    Power Distribution block?

    I have a 50A power supply that I am running my electric brewery on. I need to split that power into several lines: pump, PID, SSR (and heating elements). I'm having trouble finding what I need to split that line to run the various items from the same breaker. Any advice? I live in Canada...
  17. Amity

    More electric help!

    We've installed the GFCI circuit with 40A breaker and range plug. The wire on the range plug is huge. 8 guage, I think? Anyway, we were hoping to run two elements from this setup - a total of 7500w (4500+3000). Thought of wiring them in series, but given the size of wire & the screws in the...
  18. Amity

    Two elements in a kettle - one SSR?

    I have a 40A SSR on its way to me, and a PID. My local Home Depot has 4500w/240v, 3000w/240v, and 1500w/120v elements. I boil up to 13 gallons for 10 gallon batches. I think 4500w is too small for what I want. I thought of running two elements (4500 and 1500) on two different circuits (4500w...
  19. Amity

    Dual digital PID temperature controller Will this work with a 5500W (or larger) electric system? Would I just need to wire up the heating element and plug it in? It's got a type...
  20. Amity

    Electric brewing - hot water tank?

    I'm working with a partner to begin electric brewing. One route that he proposed was taking a hot water tank and using that. We might have to replace the element for a larger one, but could we use the tank, controller and element for brewing?