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  1. CircleC-Brewer

    Using Oak Leaf tea for tannins

    Just read a new cider making book that mentioned using Oak Leaf tea as a source of tannins. Has anyone done this before? I did some research on the internet and people actually used to make Oak leaf wine. Finding apples with high levels of tannins has been very difficult. I’m looking for an...
  2. CircleC-Brewer

    Faux ice cider

    Just sample my faux cider I started last December. Super smooth and very tasty. Will be bottling it up soon. Going to start another batch soon.
  3. CircleC-Brewer

    Oak cubes for Tannin and flavor?

    Doing my first Cider with oak cubes. I like the suggestion of using a liquor to sterilize the cubes. However, I don’t want to add any liquor flavor yo the cider. I’m thinking Vodka would work best.
  4. CircleC-Brewer

    Kveik and Cider

    Great. Thanks
  5. CircleC-Brewer

    Kveik and Cider

    Very interested in your findings. Do you have the table available to post?
  6. CircleC-Brewer

    Adjusting Tannin levels

    How did it work out? I’m also looking to add some some mouthfeel to the cider. I too just returned from a trip to the U.K. The cider there was incredible.
  7. CircleC-Brewer

    Faux ice cider

    I’m about to do my first Frost Cider. Heard that description from a cidery that uses a freezer instead of Mother Nature. The OG they recommended was 35 brix (1.153 sg) or higher. The final gravity should not be below 1.050 sg (which is to the style guidelines). They use the wild yeast that’s on...
  8. CircleC-Brewer

    Texas Austin Homebrew Clubs Very active home brew club for the South Austin area.
  9. CircleC-Brewer

    GF Blonde Ale, Batch 2

    Going to try and brew a GF beer for my brother in law. However, my LHS does not carry Millet or Buckwheat. Do you order your grains on-line? Looks like the Grouse Malt House has a great selection, but not sure if they ship to home brewers. Going to take a stab at your recipe if I can find the...
  10. CircleC-Brewer

    I'm back with some new toys

    You are correct, its the High Gravity controller and I absolutely love it. I also like that I can control my two pumps. I was very lucky that I can connect my Braumeister's three prong plug into the controller. The 220 wall power outlet requires a four prong plug.
  11. CircleC-Brewer

    I'm back with some new toys

    Well I finally managed to remember my old password. Its been two years since I posted anything. I figure I would show my 15 gallon all electric rig, my new Braumeister, some brewing projects, my 3 gold homebrew medals I recently won, and my chillers. Cheers
  12. CircleC-Brewer

    Where did you get your heating element?

    I should be getting my Rims Tube from Brewer Hardware this week. However, I still need to order my heating element. Any recommendations on where to purchase one? Is there a brand or style I should use? Thanks for the help Circle C Brewer
  13. CircleC-Brewer

    Show me your cheap electrical enclosure

    Check out the link below. It is in the classified section. I'll take $70 (via paypal) plus you pay shipping. This is a heavy duty commercial enclosure. Circle C brewer
  14. CircleC-Brewer

    for trade very nice Electrical Enclosure

    For trade (or sale) in excellent condition - an industrial heavy duty Electrical Enclosure ready for installation. Has removable shelf /panels, which you can then mount the electronics onto. It comes with two cooling fans and 6 screw lock clips. I also have 3 Stainless Steel Chemtec flow...
  15. CircleC-Brewer

    Austin neighborhood homebrewers -SW area

    The Circle C neighborhood in Austin, TX is considering adding home brew to their annual B-B-Q event. They are interested in getting neighborhood brewers in Circle C to contribute a keg of home brew for everyone to sample. A seven tap kegerator will be provided with plenty of ice to chill down...
  16. CircleC-Brewer

    Homebrew not legal in Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi?

    Tulsa has a great Homebrew Supply House called "High Gravity Homebrew Supply". I've been to this shop several times and it looks like they are doing well even if it is illegal to brew your own in Oklahoma.
  17. CircleC-Brewer

    Smokey Mountain Brewery Gatlinburg

    I am heading to Pigeon Forge, TN in three weeks via Nashville. Any other breweries you could recommend along the way? Circle C Brewer Austin, TX
  18. CircleC-Brewer

    Just a few breweries I've been to

    Just a few more breweries I recently visited. 109. Omaha Jacks Grillhouse & Brewery - Rancho Cucamonga, CA 110. Fredericksburg Brewery - Fredericksburg, TX 111. Triple 777 - Las Veagas, NV 112. Sin City Brewing Co. - Las Vegas, NV (nice looking glass) 113. Boulder Dam Brewing - Boulder...
  19. CircleC-Brewer

    Stir plate

    I bought my stir plate in order to get more consistent yeast starters. Since yeast tends to settle out, the stir plate will keep the yeast slurry well mixed, which also helps produce more yeast cells. You do not need a stir plate to be successful, but it is a useful and convenient tool.
  20. CircleC-Brewer

    Dry hopping question

    I typically let my beer stay on the yeast cake for two weeks before I keg it. This time, I was thinking of giving dry hopping a go. Once the fermentation process stops, I thought about putting 1 OZ of Sterling pellets in a tea ball and letting it soak for 3 to 4 days. Then next saturday (end of...