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  1. ErinGoBuff

    Hybrid(?) Diffusion Stone

    Has anyone come across a 1/2"NPT in-line diffusion stone with either a check valve or a 1/4"MFL integrated with it? I can add a check valve. I'd love for my oxygen line to stop taking in wort on it's way past the stone.
  2. ErinGoBuff

    Fermentation ...under pressure?

    I'm asking for anyone to share their thoughts/advice for a closed fermentation experiment I've had on my mind. I have a summer home on a lake - a lake with a fairly stable temperature range - and I want to brew a true bottom-fermenting brew fermented the bottom of the lake. The trick is...
  3. ErinGoBuff

    All grain blow-over!

    I recently brewed my first all grain batch of beer - a hoppy blonde ale - with a 12# grain bill and three hop additions in the boil. It had an original gravity of 1.067. I expected fermentation to finish in a week (in a temp controlled environment: 65deg) so that I could rack to secondary and...