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  1. dp69_2001

    UGH! Where are all the homebrewers?!?

    Anyways, I started a Facebook Home brewing group with the hopes of finding some of the brewers in or around Richfield Utah. So far it's been pretty lame. I know of a handful, and I know there are more out there. Maybe there are some on the forum. I'd really like to find a group of individuals...
  2. dp69_2001

    A big thank you.

    I just want to send a huge thank you to all those hbt'ers that helped me last year and already this year. I really owe you guys! Thanks to you I've begun to make some of the best beer I've ever tasted! I really appreciate the helpfulness and dedication you folks put in to help make this one of...
  3. dp69_2001

    mini kegging?!

    Tried searching for a thread but couldn't really find anything similar to my situation. So, after bottle carbing for 1 year I decided that I would do a little upgrading of my setup so I bought a mini keg setup from my lhbs. Comes with 4 of these little buggers and one tap. you put a Co2...
  4. dp69_2001


    has anyone ever tried growing a bonsai hop plant? Or is it simply out of the question? I love house plants. especially one's I can use.
  5. dp69_2001

    When you get stiffed on a trade

    What do you do when you get stiffed on a trade? I'm out 4 beers and around 13 dollars for shipping. That makes me sad :(
  6. dp69_2001


    Friday, September 12, 2008 Prohibition is Back! This is just another example of why it's a bad idea to have non-drinkers regulating what they don't understand. The state of Utah has inadvertently introduced a de facto ban on flavored malt beverages, beers and ales. On Oct. 1, flavored...
  7. dp69_2001

    AHA Teach a friend to homebrew day

    I'll brew. Everyone's invited.
  8. dp69_2001

    Please opinions on recipe?

    I think I want do do something like this. This will be my first attempt at a stout or anything dark since moving to AG. If I could please get the opinions of you guys? Thanks in advance.: BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe: August oatmeal stout Brewer: Dallas Asst...
  9. dp69_2001

    Bleach and Vinegar?

    I was wondering if anyone had really tried to use the solution mentioned on brewing basic radio on 03/29/07. Mentioned here is a process of using 1 ounce of bleach with 5 gallons of water then 1 ounce of white vinegar to create a very effective no-rinse sanitizer.
  10. dp69_2001

    Beer recipe?

    I was going to brew Biermunchers centennial blonde but apparently centennials are out for the rest of the year. So, I decided to play with the recipe a little. Does this look like it will be good? Is there something I should change? BeerSmith Recipe Printout - Recipe...
  11. dp69_2001

    Irish moss?

    What is the best way to use Irish moss? I bought an ounce from my hbs and used one tsp at the beginning of the boil. But, when I added it to beersmith it said the recommended amount was 1/4 tsp at ten minutes. Will the way I did it make it not work?
  12. dp69_2001

    !grolsch style bottles!

    I got a wicked deal on some grolsch style flip top bottles at my LHBS (located here on thursday I got twelve at $1 a piece! If any of you know of a better deal than that let me know.
  13. dp69_2001

    Fly sparge vs. Batch?

    I'm doing a partial in a couple weeks. I still need to build an MLT. What is the differences between batch and fly sparging? I can't seem to figure it out. Which is easier/cheaper? I bought some wheat under the impression that I could simply steep it prior to adding my hops and extract and now...
  14. dp69_2001


    So I threw a batch in the closet last night, and my airlock hasn't bubbled at all yet. I'm doing the citrus hef recipe except I added one pound Dark DME and pitched some wheat yeast I made a starter which all but exploded. But now that it is sitting in my new wort with a new fermentation bucket...
  15. dp69_2001

    quick noob question - (ABV)

    Anyone have an equation or somether for LME/DME-lbs.=~abv.? edit: for 5 gallon batches
  16. dp69_2001

    Old equipment?

    Any one have an old immersion chiller or other odds and ends they might be able to sell me for cheapish.
  17. dp69_2001

    Noob question - cheap fermenter?

    Okay, I'm trying to get away from my mr. Beer so that I can brew enough beer for the longer summer nights. However, I cannot find a 6 gallon container to turn into a fermenter and I'm somewhat limited on funds. However, I have a 5.5 gallon pressure canning pot with an airtight lid. If I...