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  1. chriswilkes33

    Germany Brewers - Barrel Project

    First off, if you haven't joined the Ramstein Fermenters then shame on you :) Secondly, one of our members has attained a used red wine barrel that is itching to be filled with beer. 225 liters (~59 gallons) is a lot of beer to brew. One of his favorite styles and a beer that really would fit a...
  2. chriswilkes33

    For Sale: 1 ticket to NHC

    SOLD My wife has decided that she will not be attending NHC with me. I have spoken with the AHA and they are willing to transfer her ticket over to someone else as long as they too are AHA members. It is a full ticket with the banquet, I paid 250.00. I am asking only to get back what I...
  3. chriswilkes33

    Six String Pecan Porter (AG)

    Recipe Type: All Grain Yeast: Irish Ale (White Labs WLP004) Batch Size (Gallons): 10 Original Gravity: 1.070 Final Gravity: 1.017 IBU: 28 Boiling Time (Minutes): 60 Color: 39 SRM Starter: 3L Primary Fermentation: 10 days Secondary Fermentation: Aged 28 days in keg...
  4. chriswilkes33

    How does this recipe look to yall?

    I have the grain bill ready to go so that cant be changed, but the hops are totally changeable. I have on hand plenty of: Simcoe Amarillo Cascade Centennial Willamette Fuggle Nugget Mt. Hood So the recipe, shooting for IIPA here, grain bill should give me SG of 1.077 unless I...
  5. chriswilkes33

    Stuck in Afghanistan?

    Nothing a little homebrew cant fix...
  6. chriswilkes33

    Edworts Apfelwein and me

    I told this story a couple weeks ago to some fellow hbt'ers and they thought it may be worth sharing with everyone. Ill start by saying that my wife is German. I met her while I was stationed over there and every Apfelwein season (in Germany they dont do this year round typically) she would...
  7. chriswilkes33

    Wheat mashing question

    Im going to be doing a couple weissbiers this weekend, one hefe and one dunkel. I have been reading that when people do German beers they use a decoction when they want to stay true to German tradition. AHS told me just do my typical single infusion batch sparge. The hefe grain bill is...
  8. chriswilkes33

    Beersmith product key???

    No I dont want yours... I just ordered online, wondering what I have to do to get my key, I cant figure it out. I got an order confirmation email just cant seem to find my key anywhere. Where is it?
  9. chriswilkes33

    Stone Ruination

    So I just got back from the Flying Saucer (The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium - and tonight was Stone Ruination night. After 44 oz of this beer I came home and ate chili. I couldnt even tatse the chili. Im a hophead but this beer is just ridiculous. How many pounds of...
  10. chriswilkes33

    Missing airlock, what to do

    I planned on brewing today but dont have another airlock, All 3 are in use. Unfortunatly my LHBS is closed for the holiday today, I do have a drilled stopper that will fit the bucket. Anyone have ideas or should I just wait for tomorrow and go buy a new airlock and miss out on a great free...
  11. chriswilkes33

    What to do with unused hops?

    I have about 1.5 ounces of hops left over from brewing today. How do I store them to keep them fresh for when I cn finally get around to use them again? They are pellet hops, .75oz Spatz and .75 oz Perle.
  12. chriswilkes33

    Down with the sickness

    So no question here just wanted to comment that I got a pretty basic homebrew kit on My birthday Aug. 6th, just about as soon as I could I tried to make an English Brown Ale, So that sits in Secondary now and I found myself passing AHS today and stopped to pick up a couple more Primary...
  13. chriswilkes33

    Smell durning fermentation

    I started a batch of apfelwein yesterday from Edworts recipe. Everything went really smooth as it is extremely simple to make, but yesterday we had some airlock activity, today it seems to have stopped but my question is about the smell. It has pretty much stunk up the pantry we are keeping it...
  14. chriswilkes33

    First post and first brew

    I first want to say hello and introduce myself to everyone. I brewed my first batch of homebrew today and it is now in the primary waiting to start its fermenting. I used a kit that my LHBS (Austin Homebrew Supply) put together to be similar to Bass Ale. My first question, and Im sure there...