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  1. Amity

    Fining cherry wine

    I made a cherry wine in August, and it's happily sitting in a glass carboy. Normally I let wines settle naturally, but this seems to be have it's own idea. The top half is clear, but the bottom half is quite cloudy. What's the best way to clear this? I have some kieselsol and chitosan that is...
  2. Amity

    Where to get Oxygen Regulator in Canada

    I bought mine on More Beer. Wasn't cheap, but I couldn't find it in Canada.
  3. Amity

    Simple Electric setup

    Big hunks of aluminum. Bought them on the forum.
  4. Amity

    Anyone try one if these? pre made heat stick

    How much wort or water must there be? It seems tall.
  5. Amity

    first eBIAB

    Must have been a mouse. Actually I had the same thing happen: my brew partner left (CIP-100) soaking in my aluminum pot for a few weeks, or more. It's pitted and unusable. :( The upside is that I was "forced" to buy a new Bayou 9 Gallon SS pot. :)
  6. Amity

    Desperate times... (Ever done this??)

    Well, payday finally hit and I have actual beer to drink. Also, I kegged my beer and it's in the fridge now. :)
  7. Amity

    Desperate times... (Ever done this??)

    Please tell me I'm not the only one. I'm currently low on cash, got no beer in the house, and it's been a really long day. I've got a couple of beers in Primary downstairs, about a month into the process. I sanitized a glass, and dipped a pint. Tastes so good. Anyone?
  8. Amity

    Brauhaus Mosaic

    Jocelyn loved your comments. Thanks guys! I am pretty damn lucky!
  9. Amity

    Brauhaus Mosaic

    I'm glad that someone caught it! :)
  10. Amity

    Brauhaus Mosaic

    My wife, Jocelyn, is a mosaic artist - she works with glass and paper to create amazing mosaics as a hobby. Jocelyn decided to make a brewery sign for me last year, and in between having a son, managed to squeeze this out too: It will hang nicely in my basement brewery window!
  11. Amity

    Brewhouse Kits

    Which Saison yeast did you use? I really love 3711 - it's a beast.
  12. Amity

    Opinions on buying kits with work allready made in bag

    The wort-in-a-bag kits can be quite good if fermentation is done well. The Brewhouse Kits in particular are good, as are the Festabrew. You can also alter them by adding hops, changing the amount of water you add (to the Brewhouse kits), etc. Use a good yeast (Wyeast or White labs, or a good...
  13. Amity

    Brewhouse Kits

    Glockentalk, I just pitched a Wyeast Belgian Farmhouse Ale yeast into a Brewhouse Pilsner. Seemed like those would be a decent match. I had the yeast from January (oops...) so I'm using part of the brewhouse kit as a starter in the main fermenter, and I'll pitch the rest of the wort and...
  14. Amity

    Brewhouse Kits

    The Winning Wines Plus has a special Brewhouse kit: the Alberta Bock. Just bought one at the Sherwood Park location - $39. Bought a Bavarian Lager Wyeast pack, and just made a starter this morning. It'll be the first time I use my "new" fridge for fermenting. I'll keep it at 10C until the...
  15. Amity

    No Chill Wit Help???

    Ian, Paul and I have just put them in at 5 minutes and had good results. You could probably put them in as you drain into the no-chill vessel as an experiment too. Mike
  16. Amity

    BierMunchers Rolling Kegerator (BYO Published)

    I currently have this setup for a 13 gallon keg and two Cornys, but could easily fit a third corny in the roughneck. It only takes a few bags of ice and a couple hours to chill the kegs. I cut a flap in the back of the roughneck for the gas hoses (and the beer line for the big keg.) Awesome...
  17. Amity

    Canada Day Eve Kegger

    Oops, not July 30. June 30. Drunk late night posting haha.
  18. Amity

    Canada Day Eve Kegger

    For the last three years, my wife and I have hosted a come one, come all keg party on July 30, since it's the last day of work for me (teacher) and everyone else has the day off on July 1. In previous years we've served 3 corny kegs of beer. This year we are stepping it up. My brewing pal and I...
  19. Amity

    Ferm cap questions

    1) 1-2 drops per gallon. 2-3) Yes, refrigerate it. 4) use an eye-dropper.
  20. Amity

    BierMunchers Rolling Kegerator (BYO Published)

    Built mine today - still needs some finishing touches, of course. Also, I'm not sure if my drip tray will work out, but it's only held on by magnets as of now.