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  1. polun

    Whats cheaper?

    I'm sure if you compare it to the cost of bud light on sale at the local store..then yeah commerical beer is cheaper. But once you start brewing more complex (ie more expensive) premium beers..homebrew wins every time. And believe me, it's simple to brew premium beers. There are so many...
  2. polun

    Strawberry Blonde

    +1..sounds great - let us know how it turns out after it ages!
  3. polun

    Easy Partial Mash Brewing (with pics)

    Thanks for all the great info..I'll get there soon!
  4. polun

    Beer styles document

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. polun

    Comment on second brew

    Congrats! I'm looking forward to the same feeling in a few weeks *looks at watch anxiously*
  6. polun

    Quick question - foam color

    Haha I'm not THAT bad! I did a sample last night and *of course* tasted it and couldn't get over how good it was - even though it was flat and warm. What an amazing's only been in primary for 5 days so far.
  7. polun

    Quick question - foam color

    Haha now THAT would be a story! :cross:
  8. polun

    Quick question - foam color

    Awesome..I knew in my heart all was well..but who ever thinks of something green and foamy as good? ;) Thanks for the reassurance.
  9. polun

    Quick question - foam color

    I'm brewing my first batch and have read enough to know the mantra that no matter what, your beer is fine..but I still want to ask because I haven't seen it anywhere else: I'm brewing an English Pale Ale (kit) with extract and dry yeast - fermenting has been going on for 3 days now. My foam...