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  1. MadViking


    Say, is there anyone familiar with the Brewtroller that could help guide me in the right direction. I just want to know what I should be purchasing for my control box. I have a pretty good idea, I think :confused:, though a thumbs up or thumbs down from a skilled practioner would be hugely...
  2. MadViking

    Boiler for boiling

    I've tried searching the forums and haven't found the right answer to this question, but has anyone tried using a boiler (either electric or flash) to generate steam in a closed loop, pressurized system to boil the wort? I work at a refinery in a unit that has three 600# steam boilers. These...
  3. MadViking

    Samuel Smith Stingo

    Has anyone tried the new Samuel Smith Stingo? I was shocked to see that it was $13 a bottle. I'll buy it if it is worth it and I know that Samuel Smith can make a big beer because they produce a barley wine. Can this beer hold up to the test of time or is it a drink it now type beer?