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  1. Lenny2884

    Carboy cleaner and better bottles?

    Just went to and I gotta admit I'm very intrigued by this product. However, I primarily use better bottles as my fermenter. Will this product scratch a better bottle? I hate shaking the better bottles to try and clean them and this looks like a quick and easy...
  2. Lenny2884

    Will this regulator work on a disposable oxygen tank?

    Just bought the oxygenation wand and stone from Williams and failed to realize that I needed a regulator to attached to the disposable oxygen tank? I did a lot of searching and it seems no one carries these regulators anymore for less than $50. Would this regulator work on a disposable oxygen...
  3. Lenny2884

    Pilsner & Munich malt with American Hops?

    Just got my hands on a bunch of Pilsner and Munich malt but am setup to lager just yet. Anyone have success making something with pilsner and munich with american hops? Hops I currently have in stock are Cenntennial, Cascade, Amarillo, Columbus, and Simcoe. Also have some Magnum which I use...
  4. Lenny2884

    Blue Point Toasted Lager clone

    Can't find much information about this great beer. Anyone think they can clone it?
  5. Lenny2884

    Did oxyclean ruin my keg?

    I filled up my corny with hot water and oxyclean a few weeks ago with the intention of letting it sit for an hour before I emptied it. However, I fell asleep on the couch and didnt get a chance to empty till two days later. Now there is oxyclean particles caked all of the interior walls of the...
  6. Lenny2884

    Biscuit malt in an IPA?

    How do people feel about biscuit malt in an American IPA? Did some searching on here and saw a few IPA recipes with biscuit malt in them. Sounds like an interesting idea and I have a 1/2 lb. of biscuit malt I never got around to using.
  7. Lenny2884

    Keg and CO2 tank emptied overnight

    I kegged a great IPA the other day and put it in my 42 degree kegerator to force carb at 30 PSI. I left it at 30 PSI for 24 hours and then dropped it to 12PSI to finish carbing it. I pulled a small sample after the first 24 hours and it was great. I woke up the next morning to find all 5 gal...
  8. Lenny2884

    Starter aeration

    I have a starter going right now thats beginning to churn and build a slight krausen. I'm brewing tomorrow and hope to be pitching sometime around late afternoon. I've read in several places that if you don't have a stir plate (which i dont) shaking the starter every few hours will help with...
  9. Lenny2884

    Using Betadine to check mash conversion?

    I have an old bottle of betadine I found sitting in my bathroom closet and was wondering if this was a suitable iodine solution to use for checking mash conversion. I'm assuming it is since it contains iodine, but the bottle says it only contains 1% iodine. Is this enough to be used to test...
  10. Lenny2884

    Temp Controller Question

    I'm planning on using an old frig as a fermentation chamber but had a question about temperature controllers. The frig is in my basement and right now the temp. down there ranges from 65-72 depending on the temp in the rest of the house. In the winter it gets down to 49-53 degrees. I make...
  11. Lenny2884

    Mr. Malty Yeast Pitching Calculator question

    I must be missing something. I plug in my OG and volume and it gives me the # of liters to make for my starter to acheive the proper pitching rate. But it doesn't tell me how much DME to use. Is there a standard amount of DME to use for all starters no matter the size? Any help would be...
  12. Lenny2884

    Dry hopping in primary or secondary?

    Going to dry hop my IPA tomorrow and just wanted to see if you guys prefered dry hopping in the primary vs the secondary. I was leaning towards racking to a secondary but I know a lot of people have success using strictly a primary. Plus it's alot easier to just throw the hops in the primary...
  13. Lenny2884

    Frustrating Brew Day

    Brewed up an IPA today and everything went smoothly from mash to boil to cool down. But when it was time to siphon into my carboy, I came up over a gallon short of the desired 5.5 gallons. I use beersmith and based on my recipe and usual boil-off, I put 7.1 gallons into the kettle and boiled...
  14. Lenny2884

    Carbonation Problems

    Hey all, I have a brutal bitter clone thats been sitting in the keg for 2 weeks now and it just won't carbonate. I've had it at 39-40 degrees at 10 PSI for the whole 2 weeks. I just pulled a sample and it doesnt seem to have any more carbonated than when I pulled a sample after day 5 on...
  15. Lenny2884

    Rogue Brutal Bitter Clone

    Trying to come up with my own Brutal Bitter clone based on the stats and ingredients listed on Rogues website. On their site it says the color is 14.2 degrees Lovibond, is that the same as SRM? I just opened one and it definitely looks lighter than 14 SRM. Thanks guys!
  16. Lenny2884

    Insulating foam for MLT coolers

    I've heard of people using insulating foam to help insulate their MLT coolers better and was wondering if was worth the effort. I've only done 2 mashes with converted cooler and lost an average of 6 degrees during a 90 min mash. The top of the cooler isn't very thick and was thinking about...
  17. Lenny2884

    Stainless Steel vs. Copper Immersion Chillers

    Is one more preferable over the other? I assume the copper will have thinner coil walls but does that help in chilling the wort faster?
  18. Lenny2884

    Corona Grain Mill

  19. Lenny2884

    Corona Grain Mill

    Hey guys, just made the AG step up and am looking for a grain mill, however money is an issue. I've heard people mention the pros and cons of the corona grain mill in here (Pro: works well for batch sparging, Con: Turns the grain almost into flour). After looking through some old posts I was...
  20. Lenny2884

    CO2 pressure change at colder temps

    Bought a keg system a few weeks back and used it for the first time yesterday. When I first attached my disconnects to the keg and pressurized it, it was at room temperature (70 deg). My regulator gauge read that I had 800 PSI remaining in the tank and the keg pressure was 15. I then put it...