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  1. powderbock

    Ooops! ran out of propane

    So as i was settling into my brew session last night, with 4 partially filled tanks thinking I could easily make it through, I ran out. Luckily just finished collecting the wort and ran out starting into the boil. And yes already smacked my yeast packs. Any concerns finishing the boil today...
  2. powderbock


    So I've tried to do the research, but would like some input. Carared 20L similar to crystal 20, or is is more similar to carafoam, with just more color. Planning on brewing today and don't really want to go to the LHBS, but recipe calls for carafoam, and all I have is carared.
  3. powderbock

    Black IPA

    I'm trying to get some input as how to hop my black ipa. Should I just increase the amount of hops in my dark beer recipe, or should I use the malt profile of my dark beer recipe and add an ipa hop profile? What I think is to use my porter recipe, but change the hop profile and use my ipa hop...
  4. powderbock

    Bad wyeast 1056

    I brewed yesterday, when I opened up the smackpack I noticed a different smell to it than I've smelled in the past, almost like burnt popcorn. I admit I've been sick the past week with sinus problems so the sniffer probably ain't in the best shape. Its fermenting away just like normal and the...
  5. powderbock

    10 gallon batch

    I've been doing 5 gallon batches and am moving up to 10 gallon batches. Using beersmith I've made the change for the recipes, but was wondering if there were any hidden changes that might occur especially with the mashing in. I use a 70 Qt rectangular cooler with SS braid. I warm my cooler up...
  6. powderbock

    Sam Adams Oktoberfest label

    Not really about homebrewing, but I was noticing my wifes SA Oktoberfest label last night, and on the left lower side of the label it had lager, but on the top left of it, written sideways is has Ale in TX. Any clues what this means? Is Sam Adams brewed different for Tx that makes it an Ale...
  7. powderbock

    carboy neck marks

    I've noticed over the past several batches when cleaning my glass carboys they have what appear to be marks from the metal part of my carboy brush. Is this going to be a problem with sanitation? Is it possible t remove these marks? I've tried oxiclean with no improvement.
  8. powderbock

    co2 pressure when chilling

    I only have room in my kegerator for 4 kegs. I have 8 kegs that need to be carbonated. I know I could prime the other 4, but I do not want to do that. I have a crawl space that stays at 63-65 degrees I can put the other 4 in and put on co2. My question is will they lose pressure when I put...
  9. powderbock

    Milled flaked wheat

    Accidently put my flaked wheat into the grain bucket to be milled. Tried to separate it but not happening. Ended up milling it with the rest of the grain. Any bad effects from doing this?
  10. powderbock

    washing yeast

    Is it ok to use spring water that has never been opened that was processed by carbon filtration, micron fitration and ozonation without boiling it to wash yeast with?
  11. powderbock

    Frozen beer

    I bought an old refridgerator and am just putting my kegs in it to keep them cold until I can change it into a kegerator. The kegs froze as the garage got down to low 30's, causing the old fridge to keep running I guess. I have already purchased and external thermostat controller to fix that...
  12. powderbock

    Re-using yeast

    I spent last Thursday reading up on washing yeast and using them for 4-5 more generations as I was trying to decrease the Wyeast cost of $7 a batch. When brew day came around, being a little lazy I remembered something I had heard at one of our brewclub meetings of just racking the wort right...
  13. powderbock

    Specific Gravity and Dry Beer

    I'm rather new to brewing and I've noticed when I have members of the local homebrew club taste my beers they mention that its dry. I have noticed that my FG seems to be on the low side, sometimes around 1.007-1.009 even though the recipe shows the lower end 1.012-1.016. On average they're in...
  14. powderbock

    Top up with H2O

    Did my first all grain tonight. learned a lot about the equipment I'm using. Preboil gravity came out ok, post boil OG came out ok, but ended up 1 gallon down at about 4 gallons. Did not top up to a full 5 gallons with H2O. Will this cause any type of probolem? I'm assuming adding the H2O...
  15. powderbock

    Wheat Malt

    Is there a difference between red wheat malt, domestic wheat malt or american wheat malt or are they used interchangably. I'm looking to put some wheat into my summer ale but beersmith doesn't seem to have any of these on their list of grains. Other than white wheat malt this is the only other...
  16. powderbock

    kegging pressure

    Another Question from the newbie. I've kegged my first batch, purged keg prior to racking from secondary, purged it 3 more times after capping and pressurizing and let sit at 30 psi 12 hours overnight in the fridge (which I'm having difficulty getting the temp above 40. Yes already on the...
  17. powderbock

    Regulator management

    I'm a newbie and not sure if my regulator is working properly. I'm able to set it to a certain psi and pressurize the keg, but when I try to turn the pressure down it takes multiple turns just to get it to start to move down even after I've shut of the flow valve to the IN. And when I finally...