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  1. mrsunshades

    bourbon barrel scotch ale

    Can you post your recipe for this (bourbon barrell scottish ale)? I am ready to do one of this for aging.
  2. mrsunshades

    Can you Brew It recipe for Fuller's ESB

    OK - this is my next brew. Can you help with my water - I see you added Gypsum to your water; here is my h2O profile: Sodium, Na 8 Potassium, K 2 Calcium, Ca 12 Magnesium, Mg 1 Total Hardness, CaCO3 34 Nitrate, NO3-N 0.3 (SAFE) Sulfate, SO4-S 4 Chloride, Cl 8 Carbonate, CO3 < 1.0...
  3. mrsunshades

    A Brewing Water Chemistry Primer

    Hi, I am going to be brewing an imperial stout: 12 lb pale malt 2 lb Munich malt 1 lb chocolate malt 1lb 120 L crystal 1 lb oatmeal 1/4 lb smoked malt 1/4 lb black malt 1/2 lb roasted barley hops are low alpha types 1 oz Fuggles / boil 1 oz Crystal / aroma 1 oz Liberty / Flavor...
  4. mrsunshades

    Dunkles Weissbier Dunkelweizen

    Question about decoction and this recipe: OK - this is just what we've been looking for. My friend requested a dunkelweizen and we're gonna brew it up .. My question is if I wanted to do a simple decoction at the end to raise to mash-out temp, how much should we pull out to raise to a boil...
  5. mrsunshades

    Adjusting water for brown ale vs. pale ale

    I finally got my water report, and using Palmers book I adjusted my water and finally got my pale ale right! Question: That was for an ale of SRM of 12 - now Im doing a nut brown SRM 22 - can I use the same brewing salts for this. My gut feeling is that my water needs these (1 tsp calcium...
  6. mrsunshades

    Starter for parti-gyle

    If I'm making a double batch (about 15 lb grain) and doing a first runnings barley wine of 2.5 gal, and then a second smaller beer of 5 gal, all from the same mash, can I make a big 2 liter starter and use about 2/3 of it for the barleywine and the rest for the regular beer? This is an idea from...
  7. mrsunshades

    My Water Chemistry

    OK, so this is very good: that folks like yourself are saying that the water can indeed be altered (assuming you have a water report, which I have coming). I also realize this is a whole new level to my brewing hobby, but I have come this far (made my own malt mill / CFC / 3 tier brew stand; I...
  8. mrsunshades

    AG recipe harshly bitter

    Thanks for your help - with folks like yourselves asking and commenting about water chem, I assume that is an issue that IS indeed something that I can adjust/tweak/do something about. Can you point me to some other threads that tell of folks getting their water report, adding the right minerals...
  9. mrsunshades

    My own Drowning Wasp and brew notes

    This is the part of the whole process that I am interested in - the adding of the black malt at the end of the mash - SO... Does it indeed help with astringency, tannins and harshness? All my pale ales (I do all grain) have a overly harsh bitterness in them, and after all that mashing, smelling...
  10. mrsunshades

    AG recipe harshly bitter

    I just ordered a water analysis kit from Ward Labs - pretty cool - they have h2o reports for farmers, home owners, and even us homebrewers! Anyhow, I'm thinking that my water does indeed have something to do with this. Like I said, all 3 pale ales I've done have had this over bitterness, and it...
  11. mrsunshades

    AG recipe harshly bitter

    OK = I have 3 all grain pale ales so far and they've all been harshly over bitter,and not a nice hoppyness either. So will this work, using the 1 oz of black malt, finely crushed, to the end of the mash, to reduce the harsh astringentcy that is overpowering the whole flavor? I am not...
  12. mrsunshades

    decoction mashing

    hEY, I was wondering if there is a calculation or formula for decoction mashing. There is a kit from NorthernBrewer for a dunkelweizen (I asked you a question about that typy of ale earlier) Well the kit they sell comes with instructions on how to do the different rests in the mashing...
  13. mrsunshades

    Dunkles Weissbier Dunkelweizen

    I understand that this is a single infusion recipe, but was concerned about the "before additional infusions" part - is that just the standard layout of the Promash report? Basically, what Im asking is : is it a single infusion of 3.5 gal to the grist to get it to 152 for an hour, and then a...
  14. mrsunshades

    American Amber Ale Caramel Amber Ale

    Can I use a candi syrup available at my homebrew store for this?
  15. mrsunshades

    American Amber Ale Caramel Amber Ale

    Can this beer be made using a homebrewers candi syrup, available at brewers supply stores? I'm with you, brother, on the balance thing; nothing like a full malty ale with that hoppy counterpoint !
  16. mrsunshades


    I have a nut brown that came out very cloudy, almost murky! Would more and better recirculating / vorlouting be the solution, or is there something I can put in my secondary to take care of it?
  17. mrsunshades

    Should I bother trying to keg/bottle this batch?

    If I'm watching over my flocks, does that make me a shepherd?
  18. mrsunshades

    Hot side aeration?

    My setup has the brew kettle / hot liquor tank up high, then the mash tun below. I drain the mash into 2 buckets, getting 3 gal each. When the sparge is done, I just pour the wort from the buckets back into the kettle and start the boil. My question is this: is pouring the wort back into the...
  19. mrsunshades

    Ice Water For Immersion Chiller

    Was this for a 10 gal batch, or just 5?
  20. therigonthebackdeck


    note h2o supply just behind mash tun.