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  1. LakeGrove

    Awesome source of beer equipment & parts

    I was looking for equipment for my winery when I came across a Superior Products catalog. In case you are not familiar with these guys here's link: Draft Boxes, Draft Beer Boxes - Superior Products I have seen some very nice homade draft boxes on this forum. These guys have some nice...
  2. LakeGrove

    Do smaller carboys settle faster than big ones?

    I made what was supposed to be a five gallon batch of Raspberry that ended up being six gallons. When i racked it I filled a 5 gallon carboy then a one gallon jug. its been sitting for sevvferal weeks now and has a very dark, rich raspberry color. This evening i tried to shine a light through...
  3. LakeGrove

    My campden solution is growing mold

    I crushed a campden tablet and dissolved it in a gallon of water. I used this solution to sanitize a 5 gallon carboy. i then poured the campden solution into a one gallon plastic jug to save for the next carboy. That was twoo weeks ago. Today I noticed a black mold growing on the top of the...