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    Mold in Carboy

    Yeah, I have looked thru the threads, but didnt find my answer.... I had a nasty looking film with spores on top of my Wee Heavy in the secondary. I assume it back packed on something not cleaned properly. I racked the beer out from under the film into a new properly sanitized carboy and...
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    Ever try this repair?

    Tried a Modelo Negra batch last night. (AG). When I was finished, the gravity was way higher than expected (1.061 compared to the correct 1.047). As I looked thru my stuff, I reallized I had twice the Munich than I had intended. This was supposed to be a 4 1/2- 5% ABV. Question is can I help...
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    Corn Collision

    I'm about to tackle a Modelo Negra clone that has flaked corn. I have heard many negatives about using corn. Here is what I have, any ideas? Also, I have been told that this yeast works similarly to ale yeast, just a little lower temp. I might be able to keep it in the low 60's, but that's...
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    Cracked MLT!

    I am guessing I have made 6 mashes in this "new" rubbermaid 5 gallon MLT and today, when I put in my strike water, it started leaking. I dumped the water and took everything apart only to find hair cracks around the spigot hole. I havent used any tools to tighten this, but it cracked none...
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    Bottling Lager ?

    Dumb question, but...... Just bottled my first lager, since lager yeast is cold fermenting, do I condition them in the fridge instread of in the 70 degree cellar? A friend bottled his lager a month ago and has had it out in the warmer area, just like his ales and it has still not carbonated.
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    Yeast hates Me!

    Aggravated, put out, sick of it. I have been doing AG's for a month or so, now. I have really enjoyed it and hit my OG's nearly every time. All is good. EXCEPT, my freaking yeast keeps letting me down. Over the last 4 brews, I have had one Ale make it to 1.011, the rest stopped around...
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    Blonde Sorachi

    Thursday night, I made Biermunchers "Centenial Blonde", but swapped the hops for Sorachi Ace. Holy cow, what an aroma! Smelled like someone had mopped the brew basement with "Lemon Scented Pine Sol". Maybe a bad annalogy, but this stuff smelled great. Only had 28 IBU's but carried a ton of...
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    Hyrdometer Reading

    I have noticed the last several batches not finishing well. Previously, we have been able to finish our ales at 1.011. The last 4 have not gone below 1.018. Beersmith estimate them to be in the low teens. Nothing has changed as far as technique, and we have used different yeasts with each...
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    Active bubbling at 11 days?

    I made a partial mash clone of Hobgoblin 11 days ago and had intended on moving to secondary today, but I still have active bubbling. Do I go ahead and move it or wait till the bubbling stops? Haven't checked the gravity.
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    Sorachi Ace Brew?

    So I am experimenting with creating beers around some odd ball hops. Picked up some Sorachi Ace and Agentinian Cascades, both with lemon /orange type flavors. I'm thinking this might make an interesting lawn mower beer. Any idea what kind of recipe I should consider? i was thinking something...
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    OG and Ferment time

    Just made a fairly big beer last night and mistakenly added yeast before I took the OG reading, is that going to be an accurate reading? I put it on top a rather large yeast cake. Beersmith estimated OG at 1.073, my reading was 1.069. The other thing is with a beer that has a potential of 7+...
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    Soapy Beer

    So, when I made my last batch, I used some White Labs liquid yeast. The problem is I hadn't read the directions previously and had left it ou of the fridge for a week. I was concerned but relied on the Homebrewers Montra "It will be fine". I became concerned after 3 days that I had no...
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    Dead Yeast?

    Is it possible? Tried my latest batch Tuesday night, and used liquid yeast for the first time. Neglected to read the label after purchase to see I was suppose to refriderate. Well, it sat out for a week before I pitched it Tuesday night. Now its Thursday and no bubbles. My last 3 batches...