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  1. roguescotbrewing

    Tech question

    I'm overhauling a Sankey tap that came with my old BM-23... and got it stripped down, but I'm at a loss on how to get the three O-rings in the main body out. I don't want to go digging willy-nilly and rip the suckers, nor do I want to yank something that wasn't meant to come out. Any tips?
  2. roguescotbrewing

    Erm... the hell?

    Ok, kids... I bought a 20# CO2 tank last month. Have a single sixth-keg (commercial) hooked up to it. Only had the rig set up for a week, and already my tank gauge is flatlined. Did a thorough leak-check initially, found nothing... so how in the frak did I blow through that much gas that...
  3. roguescotbrewing


    Ok. 40+ year old Beverage Air BM-23 has been chugging along, no gripes. Finally get gas bottle, a keg... we're in business! Untill a couple of days ago. She started whining and squealing... and I promptly unplugged her for several hours. Plugged back in, it whirred and sounded normal, was...
  4. roguescotbrewing

    Kegging n00b

    Hey guys. Long-time brewer, but a neophyte to kegging. Of the two styles of Corny kegs, what is the better of the two? Pin-lock or ball-lock? Advantages/disads of both?
  5. roguescotbrewing

    Kegerator Connundrum Redux

    Hey kids. Got my 42 year old BeverageAir working again... kinda. She'll fire, chill, hold temp... and randomly trip the overload. Replaced everything... thermostat, overload, and starter relay. Guessing the compressor might be starting to die? I know where to find a replacement 1/2 horse...
  6. roguescotbrewing

    BM-23 drainline question

    Ok, kids... OPERATION:KEGERATOR SITREP. Ended up replacing the starter relay and the overload, and she's running like a champ. Nice and cold, holding at 35... right where I want it. HOWEVER... (there's always something, isn't there) she's got an air leak and practically dripping wet with...
  7. roguescotbrewing

    BeverageAir BM23 connundrum

    Hey guys. Working on a 41 year old BM23 I picked up for a song. ($45 at a thrift store!). Needed a freon charge (yeah, I know R-12 hasn't been used in eons. Old habits...), so got her looked at, vented,and recharged with R-401. She cooled like a champ for a couple of months, then the gremlins...
  8. roguescotbrewing

    n00b with a rehab kegerator

    Hey folks. Just got my hands on an old Beverage-Air BM23. By old, I mean brown cabinet, wood rails, R-12 data plate, and a 73Ixxxx serial number. Found her at a thrift store of all places, and snagged her for $42. She fires up, but doesn't cool (a note stating she needed a freon charge was...