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    Big Beer Fermentation Problems

    I recently had this happen with a RIS (1.116 - 1.040). My mistake was under-pitching compounded with a sudden temp it stalled at 1.040 instead of hitting 1.033 target. First I tried to warm up and slightly agitate - got yeasties were pooped. Then I tried to...
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    Russian Imperial Stout - I've had Oak cubes soaking in port for 100 days in anticipation of this batch Simcoe/Citra IPA (KamaSimtra) - based off a successful single hop Citra IPA (Holy Citra)....yay
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    Suggest a dry hop for this recipe

    Citra/Simcoe dry hop sounds tasty to me....should go nice with the cascade backbone...
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    Stay classy Bud: Trips to the ER

    how many of those injuries were preceded by "HEY!, watch this!"? for which I have been guilty of...
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    Tip for extract w/ steeping grain brewers

    i just put mine in a strainer....that rests on top of the pot. But I like JDbrewer's idea better
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    Can you hop it? Yes you can.

    I took this from an article about Anchor Steam (i think was anchor steam) brewers who do this with Bud Light to test new hop combinations... The blogger who wrote about it rec'd SNPA, because budweisers A) have no pop tops and B) the cascade backbone of the SNPA does not detract too much...
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    Can you hop it? Yes you can.

    actually, when I want to do some hop taste profiling I'll buy a small amount of pellet hops (3 or 4 new kinds to me). Get a six pack of warm SNPA, pop the tops and add 4-6 pellet hops per bottle, re-cap, wait 3 days then cold crash for a couple days. I pour thru a tea ball to strain -...
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    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    First year harvest - should get about 10 more of these Chinook and Columbus picked last night
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    HELP! something is attacking my Columbus

    OK to spray the hop cones? do I rinse them when harvesting? I only inquire as I want to avoid poisoning myself with beer ;)
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    HELP! something is attacking my Columbus

    Pics are from this morning - they were not like this yesterday. Columbus, 1st year. Did not find any bugs....but clearly something started chewing and pooping on my plants (there are holes in several of the main leaves not shown) And I am not sure why the more mature hops are turning...
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    Why the in fighting ?

    LOL - this place is very nice, polite...and informative try starting a "how to carry a gun while riding" thread on a mountain biking forum...or even a wheel size thread it gets ugly fast.
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    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    First year Columbus getting closer got some Chinook and Centennial I can pull from soon....Nugget is going slow.
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    oh. the. joy. Popcorn Butter....

    OK - shared a bottle with Mrs. CHUM last nite. Diacetyl (fake butter) aroma is gone - warming up the bottles for a week of conditioning fixed that (whew!). BUT....its fairly heavy on the caramel aroma and sweet taste (that I detect), and really pretty 'not good' on the overripe fruit aroma...
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    oh. the. joy. Popcorn Butter....

    Appreciate the advice - and yah, that's what I'm guessing...initial ferm temp too high (along with other less major mistakes). I'll know tonite if my nose is wonky or not - I figure a warm week of conditioning *should* give the yeast a chance to clean up any diacetyl if that was what I was...
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    oh. the. joy. Popcorn Butter....

    When I smell fake butter, my wife smells sweet and fruit - here nose trumps mine. In the recipe I also steeped 1lb of Cara 8 at 155F. sooooo, after a mess of google-fu I may have made several mistakes contributing to the over-sweetness if it's not Diacetyl or infection. 1. too high...
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    oh. the. joy. Popcorn Butter....

    Yeast was WLP001 Ferment temp was 70F ambient for the first 18 hours, then I realized that was too high so I moved it to 65F ambient (I have 2 rooms that stay pretty consistent). OG was 1.068, FG was 1.014 (on 3 readings) Dry hopped in secondary for 7 days then bottled. I did do 1 thing...
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    oh. the. joy. Popcorn Butter....

    Thought I made a rad IPA (Amarillo Simcoe blend) Extract FG, dry hopped and bottled 7 days later (used WLP001 yeast). Tasted PHENOMENAL right before bottling. I was a happy camper. Wait a week to taste a 'green' beer. Carbonation is a little low...but tastes/smells like...
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    Mikkeller 1000 IBUs

    felt like my tongue was wrapped up in a burnt porcupine fetus dipped in sap after swig....a 'not so good' brew IMO. Now, having a DIPA immediately afterwards felt like I was drink a 'light' APA...
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    Moving primary fermenter from 65F to 70F

    I have a Citra IPA that's been fermenting now for 11 days (no FG reading yet). It currently is in an area of my house that averages 65F. Would moving it to an area that averages 70F help the process of yeast 'cleaning' up until it hits FG? Yeast used is S-05. also....i learned...
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    Bay area beer recommendations

    Lagunitas (kids OK..but double check) Russian River(not sure of kids are ok - call ahead) Drake's (no kids at drake's..sorry)