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    Ohio NEO Topsflo TD5 NIB

    I bought a Topsflo TD5 and then changed my mind in modifying my 10 year old build. I don’t care to return to store. This thing has never been plugged in and is NIB. $120 and I’ll ship it from 44718. Cheers.
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    Did I pick my first batch of Nuggets at the correct time?

    This is a pictures of my first batch ever of homegrown hops. These are Nuggets. I grew Liberty as well, but they are slightly behind. I think a few in the picture below are a little "green" for lack of better terms. I was trying to pick them when the flowers start to lose their...
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    Stuck Barley Wine at 1.058

    Hello, Started at 1.310 and right now is stuck at 1.058 (for probably at least 2 months now...). It's already been transferred from the primary to the secondary. Using US-04 Safale yeasties. Should I re-pitch another couple packs of yeast? Swirl around some with the airlock off to...
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    Home Depot Drink Cooler Max Grain Bill Size?

    I tried searching and didn't find anything concrete on the subject, but what's the largest grain bill anyone has done in these mashers? I would like to do this...
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    How to stop a leaky K-type thermocouple

    I am using a K-type thermocouple fro Auberins. I am having problems with the liquid leaking out around where the stainless steel wire shroud enters the nut head (swivel point). How can this be stopped? Should I just use JB Weld all around that swivel portion so that it won't swivel anymore...
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    Good Online Store for Double Pole GFCI Breakers?

    Title says it all. I have found a few but they seem higher price than expected. I am looking specifically for a Square D compatible Homeline 240V Double Pole GFCI 30Amp. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Wiring 240V Auber SYL-2352 for electric keggle...

    Ok, so I am not an electronics techie, but I do electrical wiring and all (mech eng...) So, I have the Auber SYL-2352 and I got a few questions. First, I plan on powering it with 240V AC. It's my understanding this is OK? Is this correct? Just run 240V power to the correct terminals and...
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    Technique to Dumping Yeast out of Conical Bottom?

    So after 8 days of fermenting a 10 gallon batch, I have about 1 gallon of yeast sitting at the bottom of my conical. I used my 1-1/4" full port stainless ball valve to attempt to dump it all out, and upon opening, it came out quite fast with a lot of beer mixed in. I expected it to be more...
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    Is vinyl tubing OK to use inside fermenter for dipstick?

    Is vinyl tubing OK to use inside fermenter for dipstick? I need to run from the inside connection on the racking valve to the bottom of the conical. Is this OK or considered the same as PVC and should not be used due to BPA content?
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    Good taste at kegging, but not after aging and drinkin...

    So all 6 batches of beer that I have brewed taste good when I transfer from my secondary to my kegs. The problem is that after I prime, shut the lid, age for a a few months, and then drink from the keg, they all have the same taste. It's like a bitter harsh taste and no matter what the style...
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    Is a Nylon Bulkhead OK for using in fermenter?

    Basically the title says it all. I have a nylon bulkhead reducer between my conical and dump valve. Is Nylon safe in the fermenter?
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    New Electric Keggle Help

    All, I am looking to convert to an electric setup on my keggle (use inside this winter). I do simple extract brewing now and might go towards all grain in the future. Right now, I just want to get a 5.5kw element and turn my keggle into an electric keggle. I have been doing some...
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    Minimum Angle on Conical Fermenter Bottom Cone

    I searched and didn't see anything on this topic, so I thought a thread would be nice. I recently order a plastic inductor tank from the tank depot. I ordered the ACE brand that has a 53deg angle bottom cone. The Norwesco tanks have a 60deg bottom. First question: Is the 53deg going to...
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    Need Help (like everyone else) Canton Ohio Water Report

    Can someone give me some pointers on my water report? I have been using Spring Water for my Extract batches but I am thinking about moving to PM or AG instead of extract and I am looking to use my house water. Will my water need certain...
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    Random Recipie - What do you think?

    I just went to my LHBS and threw together these ingredients for a random brew on my 6th batch ever. Let me know your thoughts: Lbs. Type 1.00 GR127B Cara Red 20 0.75 GR32B Crystal 60 (Muntons) 0.25 GR30B Chocolate Malt (Muntons) 2.00 Clover Honey 6.00 Briess DME Pilsen Weight...
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    First Batch of Oatmeal Stout FG 1.022?

    So to make a long story short, I pithed the yeast on July 25th OG 1.048, saw vigorous activity 28th, stopped bubbling through the airlock on the 29th and sampled gravity as 1.023. I checked it today (1st) and it was 1.022. Is this bad boy done fermenting? I expected a FG around 1.010 with the...
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    Hydrometer Reading Directly in Primary?

    Is it possible to take the hydrometer reading directly in the primary? It seems like this would be the easiest thing to do, but no one does it. I assume it is safer from a bacteria standpoint to take a sample with a turkey baster or what not and put it in the holding tube. Is there a...
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    Cheapest Place for Cornies (locally)

    Just wondering what the cheapest place to get cornies is? Looks like Keg Connection is running a deal right now, but I was looking to get something locally (NE Ohio). Are there stores you can get them from for a decent price?
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    Best Temp Controller for a Magic Chef 5.5 Chest Freezer

    Hello all, I got a new Magic Chef 5.5 Chest Freezer from Home Depot last night for $160 including tax. I thought it was a good deal and I am ready to spend more here shortly. Can someone tell me what brand of temperature controller is decent and easy to use with this unit (freezer)? I...
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    Best Refrigerator or Freezer for 1/2 barrel and 5# tank Conversion

    Hello all, I am very close to building my first kegerator and I wanted to know what is the best setup for a 1/2 barrel refrigerator/freezer conversion. I like the idea of the magic chef 7.2 freezer, but not sure if it requires a collar extension, alternate thermostat, etc... I can't...